Gone Fishin’

side porch evening

Where did summer go?

I can’t believe it is Labor Day Weekend already!

And Marty and I are celebrating early as we both took today off to extend the weekend into four days instead of three.

And we are going fishing today!  Well……..  Marty is going fishing, and I am going for a boat ride 🙂

And our trusty First Mate Mikey will be with us.

I hope you are taking some time to relax and enjoy this holiday weekend.

Savor every moment of these last days of summer as we approach the magnificence of Fall – which I am going to strive to embrace again this year!  (Fall is so beautiful, but for many years I have not savored it knowing that winter was ahead and summer was over, but I realized last year that I was wasting a lot of beauty and joy worrying about what was behind and what was ahead instead of enjoying the moment I was in.)

So here’s to the ending days of Summer…..

the beginning days of Fall……

and every moment at Life in Between.

Cheers & Hugs,


5 thoughts on “Gone Fishin’

  1. Fall is my favorite season. Typically August is so unbearably hot that when fall finally gets here, it is a huge relief. This summer has been very strange…almost a New England summer…with cool temperatures and not one blazing heat wave. Enjoy your weekend.


    • It has been an odd, but enjoyable summer Barbara! At my age/stage of life – not a fan of the heat like I used to be! You know what I mean?!?! 🙂 LOL! I love that PA has 4 distinct seasons. It is so fun to enjoy each for what it offers. Have a great weekend!


  2. It’s the time to sit back, reflect and enjoy each and every day. We are all blessed in some special way which each of us must deep down inside to find.
    Love to all


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