Chatting with Charlie

charlie 3 months

Hi Friends –

Mom finally took a break from blabbering about Winsor and Newton Prussian Blue to allow me to get a word in edge wise!  Shheeesh!

How have you all been?
Well…. enough about you…

Can you believe I have been in my new home three months now?

I am really settling in and feeling comfortable.

Comfortable enough to reach up onto the kitchen counter when something yummy smelling is within reach….

Comfortable enough to snag Dad’s soft and fluffy slipper and take out in the yard to play with and pull all the stuffing out of…

Comfortable enough to find my voice and “Rooooofff” when Mom isn’t quick enough to get her shoes on when she mentions we are going for a walk, and I have already waited an antagonizing 15-20 seconds…

Comfortable enough to grumble at Dad when he tries to roll over when I am snuggled up by his feet prohibiting him from moving in the middle of the night because I am cold and Mom and Dad’s bed is so much warmer than mine….

Comfortable enough for Mom to let me off my leash when I see my neighbor, Jim, so I can run to him and jump up and kiss him right on the lips because I am so happy to see him….

Comfortable enough to “drop it” when Mom tells me to – even though I want to play tug with my favorite toy…

Comfortable enough to wait patiently in the yard while Mom and Dad leave in their car and truck, watching the leaves blow until they come home again….

It’s a good life…

A dog’s life…

My life.

Woofs and Wags,

48 thoughts on “Chatting with Charlie

  1. Charlie, my man. You’re living large my friend. You have all the surrounding of a great life with caring and patient people around you. I think you need to write a how-to book for other dogs to learn from. trust me, it would be a best seller. Now you should go rest. I know tiring a dogs life can be..:)

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  2. Oh Charlie, I think you should meet my Frances. I don’t know how you feel about ‘older women’ (she’s almost 9) but the two of you are so similar. She ‘roooofffs’ at me as well as soon as I pick up her leash and I can’t get ready fast enough. She’s not into slippers but she loves her mommy’s underwear (ew!) and she grumbles at both her mom and dad when she shares our bed or space on the couch and we move our feet. You’re both lucky dogs.

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  3. Charlie, you’ve nestled into your new home nicely! And it only took a few months. Good for you! Your character has emerged and you are a delightful dog! Sammy & Charley would say a great “dude.” Happy days, Charlie! Wags from Sammy & Charley! Pats from Chryssa

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  4. I agree with Sharon, a children’s book is a Magnificent idea; there is an enticing warmth and cleverness that enters the scene when “Charlie” is here… its a little bit of magic, that I have to say is just a wee bit addictive!!

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  5. Always love to hear form you Charlie! And I especially love to hear that you are settling in so well at your new home. Congrats on learning what “drop it” means, too. That’s a hard one that most dogs can never quite master!

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  6. Gosh, Charlie! I’ve really missed your posts! 💜 I bet if YOU took up painting watercolor with your paw, you’d be the talk of the town! Or maybe you could use your tail like a brush! 😄🎨 Nice to see you are getting all comfy cozy in your new home! 💖🌟🐶

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