Anticipation – Charlie Style

Charlie anticipation cookies

Mom finally baked some cookies the other day!

It’s been weeks!

She said we had plenty of them over the holidays and needed a break.

But my brother and my Dad and I kept looking around for some and commenting about no cookies being around, so Mom broke down and made some.


This is how I sit with my Dad when “we” are eating cookies.  Mom calls this my look of “anticipation.”  (and I have no clue what that double chin thing going on is there in this very unflattering photo!  Oh Mom!!)

My Dad is very nice and almost always shares…. not as much as I’d like…. but even a crumb is worth waiting for!  

Have you had my Mom’s cookies?!  Though I must say, I’d wait just the same for a stale cracker, but that’s besides the point…

It is very important that I do not take my eyes off of Dad’s mouth OR the cookie, so I watch very attentively.  It requires a “very particular set of skills” that I have honed.  When I do this, he remembers I am there and remembers to share.

Anyway – not only are we happy, but Mom also shared some of these cookies with a couple of my best friends:  Cliff the mailman and Mike the UPS man.  They both stopped by to visit me the day she baked them, so they got to take some with them after our visit too.  They are both so nice and always share cookies with me, so I guess it is only fair – right?!  At least that is what Mom says.

And if I am smart enough to know which side my bread is buttered on, I better agree!

Woofs & Wags from your buddy,

46 thoughts on “Anticipation – Charlie Style

  1. I know that look well… A certain buddy of mine got to come inside last night. He gets to do that whenever the temperature falls below zero – but he has a hard time with it. The shed has a nice big pile of straw and a door that leads out to a big run where he can keep tabs on all the happenings in the Minnesota Mosquito Preserve – but the house has so many rules.

    – You can’t chew up the rug.
    – You can’t chase the cats.
    – You can’t grab things off the table.
    – You can’t…
    – You can’t…
    – You can’t…

    Sure, there is company and affection – but what about all the turkeys, the deer and the coyotes? Who is paying attention to them?

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    • so many less rules outside, eh buddy!? I love watching all those things too…. A dog’s life – so many things to do, chew, watch, chase! Glad you were able to keep warm last night! Love, charlie

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  2. Charlie, Charlie, you’re so smart. But I bet you’ve been toms that many times, haven’t you. You know how to play all the angles and you’re not only good at recognizing them but you’re so smooth in your delivery and patience. I think Mom should let you write a book about your experiences so that you can pass along your worldly intelligence to all those who are so in need of it.
    Maybe if you ask nicely…..after your cookies, of course..:)

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  3. Charlie, you keep snuggling and you will keep geting bits of cookie! And keep being nice to the mailman and UPS man and you will keep getting cookies! That double chin is from cookies! You are a cutie even with that cute double chin!

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  4. Charlie, this is Cheri—Paul’s poofy Toy Poodle. He shares with me, but mom hates it. However, this in no way means that I haven’t spent countless hours on honing my skills at looking pathetic, in order to get that one cookie. Your right…IT WORKS! 😀

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  5. Good picture of you Charlie. I remember well being attuned to those cookie getting skills you’ve developed. It’s hard to resist dogs when they do that. Glad you enjoyed the cookies.

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  6. Oh, Charlie, I love it when you write on your mom’s blog! I shared this post with my dog Lucy, and she said to tell you to keep up with the “looks” until you get all the cookies you want. And if they don’t share them fairly, then it’s absolutely your right to help yourself with they aren’t looking….. Just don’t tell your mom who gave you this advice.

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