Making the Bed: A Charlie Guest Post

Making the Bed with Charlie

Before I came to live here about 8 months ago, my mom used to think making the bed was a chore.

She is really glad I am hear now, because I make it a fun game!

I play “jump on the bed” when she is pulling up the bedspread or sheet or blanket, so I get a fun “ride,” and she gets a little extra upper body strengthening workout.

When she is changing the sheets, I jump on the mattress so she can fluff the sheet over me and I have to wiggle my way out.

I love to try to bite the pillows while she is trying to stuff them into fresh pillowcases.

And when it is all done, it’s a BLASSSST to grab my donut, get a really fast running start from the living room, and jump up on the bed and skid across it to the other side and jump off.  This fluffs things up a bit more comfortable than having the bed covers being all flat and tucked in.  That’s NOT comfortable!

It’s great fun, and there is nothing like playtime FIRST thing in the morning, before Mom has her coffee or has time to get dressed or brush her teeth.  Morning is PLAY time!  Well – after MY breakfast of course.  But then… it is all about playtime.

Isn’t my mom lucky to have me to turn a mundane chore like making the bed into a really fun game?

She’s not so sure, but you get it – right?

Woofs & Wags,


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68 thoughts on “Making the Bed: A Charlie Guest Post

  1. Charlie, you’re my favorite dog!
    you know you make me miss my ol’ girl every time I see your gorgeously handsome face, and eyes that make me sigh and smile.
    one tip though…. please let your mom have some coffee.
    it. is. very. important. 🙂

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  2. Hahahahaha! I can see you jumping on the bed and making a game out of it! What fun you and your mom must have! I hope you continue turning her chores into games, happiness and joy! Here are some pats and belly rubs xoxoxo

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  3. Charlie, Maya, Mocha, and Matisse (even though they are cats) agree with you. Rumpled bedding makes a perfect nest for a day-nap. And who in the world wants perfectly clean, no pet fur, sheets. It’s uncivilized.

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    • Oh Mr. Terry – what fun we would have. I also help clean the kitchen floor. I am always right there just like a mop with my tongue ready to lap up crumbs and spills. I do tons of other important things, but I just am growing too sleep right now to write them all. Time for a little nap. That is one important chore – right? Naps are important so I can be alert to play and do other things when needed! love, charlie

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  4. Yes Charlie I get it! Your Mom always says that its all about the moments and you are making FUN moments for her! 🙂 Keep at it! But every now and than you may want to make it a little easier for her to pull up the covers, you don’t want to wear her out you know for she is how you get your treats. Her arms may be too tired to open the treat bag and that would be sad!

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  5. Oh Charlie. You’re a funny boy. I could see how this is great fun for you and even your Mom, but after a while I hope you allow your Mon to finish making the bed. She may act annoyed sometimes but I know she loves playing games with you too.

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  6. I’m glad you are making bed-making so much fun for your mom, and giving her a healthy work out at the same time. True, she might not always seem to appreciate it, but that’s just because sometimes people and dogs look at things differently. Trust me, she will come around to seeing things from your point of view eventually….mostly because she’ll have no other choice!

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