Tiny Glow Watercolor

tiny glow yellow lily original watercolor

Tiny Glow yellow lily original watercolor – 6″ x 8″ matted to 8×10

My sweet artist blogging friend, Sharon Mann gave me a friendly challenge to paint my recent Tiny Glow Yellow Lily I got for Mother’s Day from my son, Jake.

I’ve been experimenting with some abstract techniques that I used for this painting which I’m showing here in it’s original format above, printed on cards below, and the scanned print lastly.

tiny glow yellow lily photo of cards

Tiny Glow yellow lily watercolor print greeting cards

I painted a random background wash first using Naples Yellow and a bit of New Gamboge.  After it dried, I lightly and loosely drew the lily on top.  I then negatively painted around the lily with Winsor Violet and splashed some more in the background.  Lastly I used some Green Gold to add a bit of shadowing to the flower and for the stems and a touch of Burnt Umber for the little pods.

tiny glow yellow lily print 2

Tiny Glow yellow lily watercolor print

Check out Sharon’s MASTERPIECES here!  She is a REAL artist and her lily truly glows!  I love it!

And the best part is, we’ve agreed to exchange, so she is sending me one of hers, and I am sending her one of mine.

We all have our own styles and levels of ability and experience, but what a joy it is to share here through WordPress with so many wonderful artistic blogger friends.  They have encouraged me and taught me so much in my journey into watercolor this past year.  I am so grateful for them!

Wishing you all moments to cherish and the opportunity to glow today.

Cheers & Hugs,

83 thoughts on “Tiny Glow Watercolor

  1. Sharon’s lily is truly beautiful, but yours is no less than hers. What makes one a real artist? Getting paid for your work? Having art in galleries? Being dead? You are talented, you are creative, you have interesting ideas and you act upon them. You are a real artist Jodi. Your work is beautiful.

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    • Oh Sylvia – your words…. you are a master with them…. and you seriously made my day and gave me much food for thought here. I am going to embrace this. THANK YOU sweet Sylvia!!!

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  2. I agree with Sylvia and the others – you really do need to start calling yourself an artist, Jodi! Both with a lens and a brush. You did a beautiful job with this! And not an easy subject to draw or paint! Purple and yellow are such wonderful colors and I do think your style is coming out so beautifully! Well done! 💛💛💛

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    • I know – but…. ok – no buts 🙂 Nice to hear from you this morning Loo! Hope you are doing well. (PS I really wanted to play with Naples yellow, but realize I should have used a brighter). Had fun anyway. Bought some Daniel Smith WC paint from Blick yesterday to try after clicking on your special link 🙂 Can’t wait to try it.

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      • I’d be curious what it’d look like with a brighter yellow but honestly I think it’s great just as it is. Naples does tend to be a bit subtle and sleepy but this doesn’t look subtle or sleepy to me, it looks just right! I’m glad you ordered the paint from Blick, in case for some reason you don’t like the color, you can always return it. I’ll email you as to the other part lol. Beautiful job and also not easy to shade yellow, but you did it! I’m wondering if adding the green gold was just enough brightening? Because seriously this is not sleepy! I just love your florals!! 💛💜💛

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      • Of course! I’m wondering what it was you didn’t like so I was reading back over the comments too. I think adding that bit of green gold – that’s quite a zinger! And if you wanted a pop, I think you got it! Sometimes I tend to go too bright with my colors and wind up regretting lol. Like that wave one…..the yellow is like a bit too much lol! I think this has the perfect balance. The lily is beautiful and maybe if it were too bright, might take away from the flower itself. I’d leave it, honestly. 💛

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  3. Oh Jodi, I’m so excited we are exchanging paintings. I love your expressive style. Your technique with the negative painting worked beautifully to bring out the Lily. I don’t know who said this quote, but I like it.
    “If you get out of the way, the art will make itself.”
    You did just that!!

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  4. Ohh My!! Jodi you are ture artist dear friend! Trust me! 💕Love the freshness in your paining!
    First of all let me tell you, you cilck such a nice photographs, you write meaningful words you paint so awesomely and you food is so tempting! Everything is so perfect!
    Ohh Yes! I saw Sharon’s work too both of you did a great job!😍

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  5. WOWZA! Jodieeee!! 💛✨💜 Now this is some PIZZAZZA!! 🎨💕😄 YOU ROCK! Love your lily and how you painted the negative space around it. And your colors make it glow! I especially like the purple next to the yellow as it gives it a nice ZING! YAYZA!!! 🎉🎉🎉

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  6. I love how much support and encouragement we get from other bloggers, whether we’re writers, photographers or artists (or, as in your case, all three!) I had no idea it would be this way when I started blogging. And you did a wonderful job on your lily!!!

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    • It is a wonderful community! I totally agree with you. I had no idea either when I started 2 years ago. Never thought I’d still be blogging daily… Thanks for visiting, your kind compliment, and your friendship!

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