A Rule of Life


“Those of us
who are warm and dry
and safe and well-fed
must show up for those
who are cold and wet
and endangered and hungry.
That’s a rule of life.
Every ethical and religious and spiritual
tradition in the world
agrees on that rule.”

-Elizabeth Gilbert

The true spirit of the season is not in simply buying gifts,
but in giving and doing what we can for those in need.


Cheers & Hugs,



26 thoughts on “A Rule of Life

  1. I was thinking of that the other day…how all religious traditions stress helping others, not grabbing more for ourselves. A lesson our political leaders could take to heart. Perhaps they will be listening to the spirit of the season this year. (K)

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  2. How grand this world would be if everyone followed the GOLDEN RULE!
    Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.
    MERRY CHRISTMAS to you, Marty and your family.
    Dick and Lois


  3. Very true! It is a rule that I think we all understand, but we don’t always follow. And just think of what a better place this world would be if we did. Still, we can at least pledge to follow this rule ourselves, and let the good results spread from there.

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