A Pair of Hummingbirds in Watercolor

Colorful Hummingbird Watercolor 8x10 140lb Saunders Hot Press

Colorful Hummingbird Watercolor 8×10 140lb Saunders Hot Press

A Pair of Hummingbirds in Watercolor.

Among the many birds that visit our backyard are sweet little hummingbirds.

I noticed our little hummer friends that arrived in May didn’t seem to be visiting the feeder recently and realized I had not changed the “nectar.”  As soon as I filled it with fresh sugary water, they were back in a snap.

They are so beautiful.  Not nearly as wacky colored as I created here in this pair, but I sure had fun going wild with color creating this beautiful, graceful little creatures.

Colorful Hummingbirdm2 Watercolor 8x10 140lb Saunders Hot Press

Colorful Hummingbird 2 Watercolor 8×10 140lb Saunders Hot Press

Recalling the one I recently painted for a friend, I had fun creating these ones on a whim and with no agenda or direction in mind.   I love this style of painting where you just throw color down and add water and watch it do its magic!  Every one is a unique creation.

Hope your day is colorful and creative and magical.

Cheers & Hugs,

57 thoughts on “A Pair of Hummingbirds in Watercolor

  1. I absolutely love these Jodi! They are both beautiful paintings! I have 4 feeders in my yard and have about 6 hummingbirds hanging around all the time. I’m sure more will come and join this flock. I love hummingbirds!


  2. Your watercolor hummingbirds are colorful and creative and magical – just like YOU! Thank-you for sharing these delightful paintings to brighten this Monday morning.

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    • Thanks Jenna!!!! They are so fun to paint – I really could do them forever over and over with different colors! And I usually don’t feel that way, but they are so much fun to paint!


  3. I love the colors you gave the hummingbirds! They look so cheerful and bright! We had a few hummingbirds in our yard last year, but I haven’t spotted any yet this year. I’m going to try a feeder outside our dining room window as soon as we get the half-dead flame bush taken out. Hope I get them back!

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  4. Oh how exciting 2 more hummingbirds, Dean style,,almost missed these thought it was the one for your friend. So great. Never used hot press, in fact no sells atound me any more. I dont know why? Did you use Magicals? Or Brusho? So beautiful. I wonder what Dean uses? You are giving me courage to try this one myself. My other favorite artist is Joanne Thomas, i just signed up for one of her on line classes at Art Tutor but maybe August before I have time to start it. Just love these “little darlings” again you capture the poetry!

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    • I mistakenly said hot press. I meant cold. Ugh. Get it mixed up often. Lol. I just used my Daniel smith tubes. No Brusho. Though I like it. 😉. I love Joanne Thomas style tooo!!! Do you share your work?


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