The Only Way

The Only Way.

The only way to fully embrace
Your life…

The only way to move forward
and see the beauty all around You…

is to have the strength
and the courage

and the wisdom
and the love for yourself

to let go of the things
and the people

you cannot

even when it goes against
what you think is “right.”

Let go of the guilt.
Let go of the burden.

Own your truth.
Own your dignity.
Own your worth.

When you do,
you will find peace.

You will discover You.
It’s the only way.

Cheers & Hugs,

48 thoughts on “The Only Way

  1. Beautifully said! πŸ˜‰ It May be hard to do, remember to tell yourself I AM ENOUGH
    Accept the things I cannot change etc.


    • Thanks Peter! I actually captured it in a parking lot at Whole Foods on Friday. It just struck me as such beauty among the concrete. I am always finding live lessons in nature. So grateful for it! ❀

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    • I’m sad and glad to hear! Sad that we have to sometimes make this decision, but happy that we do – for our own mental health and well being. This was a very personal post to me as it deals with an estranged relationship I have with my mother – which is a sad thing – but something that took a long time – and a lot of soul searching and self love to come to. I am fortunate to have so many other loving people around me that make up for it, but certain times it comes to mind. I try not to talk about it much here, but then there is so much in my heart that I want to share that I think may resonate with others – maybe different relationships or circumstances – but if it can help someone else realize they are not the only one – then it may be my purpose and my gift to them. It took me a long time to get to a healthy place about it and about myself. I hope you have peace about your decision and love for yourself about it! Thank you for letting me know it rings true for you so that I do not feel so alone! Sending Love to you my friend! ❀

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  2. Even with all of our differences, there is a lot of similarities between us all as well. Everything begins from within, even finding the strength to move at times. We own our own lives, and a reminder of this is always helpful.

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  3. A beautiful photo that blends well with your equally beautiful words of wisdom. “Dare to love yourself as if you were a rainbow with gold at both ends.” – Aberjhani…because YOU are! Thank-you!

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    • awwwh! what a beautiful thought – a rainbow with gold at both ends! Thank you for always having such kind and wise words dear Ellen! Send hugs and love!


  4. It’s a little bit like “tough love”. Hard to do guilt free, but so necessary. “……God grant me the wisdom to know the difference.” There is no calm or inner peace “wishing” the story was different, when the reality says the truth. Very sad. Looking back, staying stuck, wishing, changes nothing. Moving forward, accepting what is, is. That’s all anyone can do to find peace in their inner being, & that inner being can can then love to the fullest, bring happiness to themselves & others & be a beacon for those who are not sure they have the courage & strength to do what someday will eventually be the only thing they could a, would a, should a, a long time ago. Hugs Jodi

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