Is there Room under your “Shroom?”

Is there Room under your “Shroom?”

Is there a tiny space
for me to find rest?

A small space of shelter,
for respite and relief

from the scorching heat
of intense fiery words,

from the gusty winds
of critical opinions.

Is there  a soft, comfortable place
where we can meet at peace?

Cheers & Hugs,

42 thoughts on “Is there Room under your “Shroom?”

  1. We need to find shroom to share peaceful moments with each other……..your poem stiles a raw nerve for me……thanks for your introspective thoughts ….I want to share “shroom” with you. Big hugs sweet Jodi xoxo 😘 Joyce

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  2. I find mushrooms and toadstools quite facinating. Perhaps I’d like to believe a wee fairy may live in them… and definitely share a quiet moment of peace away from the opinions of others! Perhaps they would offer a cup of sweet mint tea in a tiny acorn cup? 🧚‍♀️🍀☕️ Cheers friend!

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  3. Yes! That’s what close friends and families are for…a safe and peaceful place where we can get out of the “line of fire” of all the hateful words that are flying around these days. And you know what? The peace and love we experience there is more real than the hate!

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  4. It is always nice to leave a comfortably space in our lives to share with others for peace, comfort and solitude. That space can be physical or spiritual. The impotant thing is that we warmly open our hearts and minds to others, when they need our love and our frienship.

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