Spring Surprises Popping Up

Spring Surprises Popping Up.

Is anything more beautiful
that the bright pops of purple and yellow
that come in the Spring to brighten the brown and gray
and highlight the fresh new green?

Especially in unexpected places
on unexpected adventures
with people you love
on Sunday “rides.”

Spring is popping up.
Smell the air.
Listen to the sounds.
Look for the beauty!

Cheers & Hugs,

It Is Easy Being Green

Its Not Nice to Fool Mother Nature!

Its Not Nice to Fool Mother Nature!

who tried to slip
Mother Nature
some Chiffon margarine
in place of butter?

Woke up early this morning
knowing it was coming…
the weather people
kept telling us.

But to see daffodils blooming
and tree buds bursting
in a haze of green
against a blue sky
and warm, sunny breeze
just yesterday…

and wake up to this –
albeit splendid beauty-
this morning…

Someone had to have tried to
fool Mother Nature!


Cheers & Hugs,

A Ghost in the Tree


A Ghost in the Tree
(A bit of Silly… Poetry)

Do you agree
with me?
Do you see
a ghost in the tree?

On a carefree
walk of sightsee,
it caused a teeny
bit of anxiety.

But Charlie in his chivalry
helped me gain clarity
and guaranteed
it was but a tree.

Such pedigree
to disagree
and decree
it must be too much coffee.

It was a beauty.
Could it be
a chickadee
or chimpanzee?

and Yippee
for a tree designee
of imaginative jubilee!

Cheers & Hugs,

The Road Taken