Love Yourself

Love Yourself

What You Do… and What You Stand for!

I was recently asked to do a commissioned watercolor piece that is a gift for a new doctor.  This doctor is a brand new cardiologist who has a favorite quote about love.

This is the painting that evolved from that commissioned request, and I have to admit I love it!  I am actually giddy about how it took on a complete life of its own and came so easily with a message that resonated with me so deeply.  It feels so relevant to me at this time in the world and in my life, and it actually made me tear up.  (Though those that know me well, know that is a common occurrence…  I am a crier.   Happy tears…  Sad tears…  Sappy movie tears…  Overwhelmed with life, work, the world tears…   Embarrassment tears…  Just an emotional crier!)

The words speak to me.  Do they to you?

Not just a feeling…
but something you do!
Love others – –
but most importantly…
Love Yourself – –
What you do…
and what you stand for!

I hope you will love yourself – what you do – and what you stand for!

Don’t forget – July is World Watercolor Month, and I will be joining Charlie and so many others with the goal of painting every day in July!

Need ideas?  Here is a list of prompts that I am going to follow.

What to contribute?  Want to learn more?
Here is a link to my Artist Ambassador #WorldWatercolorMonth Pouch.

Cheers & Hugs,

And PS – Though this original went to its new home, prints and greeting cards are available in our McKinneyX2Designs ETSY shop.

22 thoughts on “Love Yourself

    • Gary!!! How are you??! It’s been quite some time! I need to peek in on your blog as I’ve just been away from WordPress for quite a long break. Are you well?


      • Hey Jodi. Nice to hear from you! Been sporadic on meetup as of late. Most of my blogs are videos I’ve done. Lot going on with me health wise Seems never ending. Hope you check out the videos and it’ll update you a bit. Hope yiu a d your family are doing well and no one was affected by Covid19. Let’s chat on the phone sometime when yiu’re able. CSN call anytime that you’d like (day or night) Love Gary

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  2. Namaste again, My Jodi! It’s me again, Benjamin! Gem saved this for me because it is my favorite shape of all. A heart! I love hearts! It is so beautiful and Gem thinks so too. Guess what? I can read all of the words around the heart by myself! I can read most of the words in the other part by myself. Some of the big words are words that I never read before, but Gem helps me sound them out just like we do with my story books. Gem explains what they mean when I don’t know a word. You know a lot of really big words! I love this watercolor and I love you! Did you see that my notes to you have my own name now, not ‘nonymous or Ellen? I showed Gem how to do it cause she didn’t know. Thank you and bye again!

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    • Oh my goodness you are so smart and growing up so fast! I’m so proud of you and your reading skills! Way to go Benjamin!!! ❤️. I love hearts too. The world needs more love and hearts 💕❤️💚💜💛


  3. Gem’s face is a wee bit pink, it is somewhat embarrassing when a 6 1/2 year knows more about a computer than an elderly adult. Though in truth, you do not need to know very much to know more than my computer challenged self does! When Benjamin showed me how to just add his name, I was unaware that a comment could be posted without an email address! He asked if I did not know about how to use a computer because my Mommy didn’t buy a computer for me when I was little like him. Benjamin could not believe that computers were not invented when I was a little girl and there were not any computer games either. At the time he put his hand on my shoulder and he said : “Gem, that is the saddest thing that I heard today!” I was in tears! Like you, I become a puddle of tears quite easily for a myriad of reasons and increasingly so with age. As Benjamin told you already, I love this watercolor. Both of us are happy to find your posts again amidst my inbox! Thank-you!

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    • Oh Ellen! And now my eyes are tearing up ☺️❤️. Out of the mouths of babes. 😉. And what a tender heart he is! I can only imagine your overflowing joy right now. Enjoy! I am going to get my girls soon for our Friday afternoon date 😉


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