jodi 1115We all have stuff we “have” to do.  Right?

You know…. that work stuff….  chores ….  pay bills…

But in between, we all have some very precious time to do the stuff we “choose” to do.

This blog is about all that stuff… the things I love to do…. when I get to choose what I want to do…

For me sometimes…. for others sometimes…

But mostly just because I can…. and I want to….. and I love to….

And isn’t that what life is really all about?    The stuff you get to do when you don’t have to do something.   The choices you make and the things you do when you can do whatever you want.

For me – it’s about being creative and positive and joyful.

It’s baking and cooking and feeding people.  Have you ever seen sweeter smiles than those when people are biting into a freshly baked gooey chocolate chip cookie or heavenly light and crispy cinnamon chip scone?

It’s the joy in the journey of learning watercolor painting and other art mediums for this 50+ year old non-artsy student of life with absolutely zero education or experience in art.

It’s crafting things from old junk and a warm heart to create special, personalized gifts that are treasures to those who receive them.

It’s about photographing food in the most mouth-watering ways that make people want to cook or bake or EAT! … or capturing the glow of an Autumn sunset or the smile in a child’s eyes through the lens of my camera.

It’s words – writing them and reading them.  Painting pictures with words that conjure up feelings of warmth and nostalgia and joy and love.  Creating sentences with words that make people think about things differently.  Writing from the perspective of our four-legged furry adopted son, Charlie – a dog with brown eyes and a white-tipped tail who loves food, cats, chipmunks, and toy donuts, and whose best friends are Mike the UPS Man, Cliff the Mailman, and ANYONE who delivers pizza to the house.

It’s enjoying good food and good drinks with those I love.

It’s meeting new people and exploring new places.

So how do you categorize such a wild and varied blog?
It’s simply…. the creative life in between.

I’m Jodi.

Wife to the guy that captured my heart at 16, married me when I was 19, and still tells me he loves me every day 36 years later.

Mom to two of the most amazing young men in the entire world and mother-in-law to two of the sweetest, most beautiful (inside and out) young ladies any mom could wish for her sons to find.

Gushing Grandma to the two most beautiful baby girls in the entire universe.

Full-time (and then some) Executive Assistant to the CEO of an amazing company where I get to be part of creating and providing risk mitigation solutions that help companies  choose the best people for their teams.

Thanks for stopping by.  I hope you find something here that makes your heart smile.

Cheers and Hugs,

Blogging since  5/17/2014


186 thoughts on “About

  1. I love the blog and I love all the in between stuff! Thanks so much for sharing and here’s to hoping I like that Cauliflower grattan enough to love cauliflower like a grown up should do!

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  2. Heylow Jodi 🙂 I found you from Amanda’s blog and your comments seemed to be so warm and fuzzy and I felt like I should visit you 🙂 And sure enough I landed in a wonderful blog 🙂 Your about section is so endearing and I was smiling reading it the whole time 🙂 As you might have already guessed am all for happily ever afters and spreading some cheer and positivity around and your life seems to echo the very same thoughts ❤ Hope to connect with you more in this wonderful world of blogosphere and looking forward to welcome you to my corner as well 🙂 Cheers and warmest wishes, Minaxi ❤

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  3. Hi Jodi, nice to meet you. As you know Lynn from Lynz Real Cooking highlighted you and your blog on Friday, so I just had to pop over and say hi. I look forward to visiting your blog ! Enjoy the rest of your weekend. 🙂

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  4. Hi Jodi, saw your beautiful purple rose bud image! Would it be possible to purchse for my bookcover? The title is A Seed of Hope for a Journey through grief. It would be perfect.

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  5. I’m so glad I found you Jodi and lifeinbeteen.me… I feel like I’ve been missing out on so much. I love your humor and most of all your simple delicious recipes. Your so inspirational and I hope to learn so much more from you!!! XOXO

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  8. Hi there, Jodi. Thanks for enjoying my Post on the old Cabin. That’s what my BLog is all about for the most part. I love snooping around Historical places in and around my area. It’s just full of History. I take either my Nikon D7000 or my Pentax K10d with me most all the time. I live here in Reading, PA USA where I’ve spent most of my Life. I just turned 69 and sometimes I feel the age. I’m not getting any younger! Be well where you are.

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      • I do cherish the moments, Jodi. At my age I have to. As long as I can stay above ground, I’ll be happy. Have never been to Pittsburgh. Passed right by it on our way to Ohio. Would love to see a Steelers game!! I’m told the Stadium really get’s nut’s!

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  10. Hi Jodi

    I found you by accident I was looking to see how other people made their stuffed cabbage. (I’ m just getting ready to make some for Christmas) You mentioned going to a Slovak church, so I was checking to see where you lived and if you church put out a Slovak cookbook. I’m 67 years old and STILL collecting Slovak cookbooks. Well imagine my surprise to find you live in Pittsburgh. I live in the Shenango Valley (around the Sharon area) My daughter went to college in Pittsburgh and lived there for many years and I have a cousin who still does. I was also interested in your work with hospice. When I was younger and still able to get around I did patient care for hospice for 6 years.
    I do not have a blog,but I will be checking yours out when I find the time.
    It’s funny how you can find many ways to connect even when you don’t know the person.
    Have a great holiday.

    Gram Patty

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    • Hi patty. What a small world huh?! So nice to hear from you! You are a little north of us in mars. Sorry no cookbook to share but enjoy your halupki and merry merry Christmas!!!


  11. Goodness you seem like such a nice person. And your family too. I look forward to following your life adventures and thoughts. My blog has a similar topic. Life stories. How could anyone be bored when there is so much fun stuff out there to experience, hear about, read about, write about. On to read more of your posts.

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    • Awh! I’m smiling and blushing a bit, but thanks for making my day!! I look forward to getting to now you better too, Lisa, and following your exciting adventures – triplets and all! 🙂


  12. Jodi, found you, new to WordPress don’t even know how to use it yet. But I searched watercolor and you were the first to come up that I had so much in common with. I’m a grandma love it, and like you mine was huge in my life. I have a son who was born when you were 4 or 5′ and Jonie Miller clouds was on the top of the charts.

    I love your writings and photos, and bridal shower and grandparent parties. They are amazing beautiful heart shaped BLT and wedding cookies wow! Love the family kindness love and closeness.

    I took 1 beginning water class in 2014 I just love the happy accidents & the loose watercolor painting. I’m not into abstract painting, but don,t like the photo realist paintings. I love the whimsical colorful paintings like Joanne Bloom Thomas and Gleeson, and I see you love that too.
    I’ve been UTube learning more. I now have a collection of Daniel Smith 44 I think, 10 colors from QAR, and about 10 variety brand Mission, Windsor, Holbien. … Any way, now too many to paint . I spend a lot of time trying to see how colors play together. And like you, too many favorites. I’m trying to figure out how to pallet them. I have a 33 well pallet with only transparent colors, but I have so many semi transparent and opaque colors that are my favorite too. It’s surprising looking at your color chart we have many colors that are different. Lots of same ones, but surprising many that are different. Enjoy watching your progression. Love your funny bunny the colorful one. I joined a Brusho group on Facebook a few months ago, but I haven’t purchased any crystals yet. I kinda have too many projects going on at one time at the moment, I used to be able to that, not so much any more. I also make cards and acquired a box of new stamps. I haven’t bought stamps since the ” new” clear stamps came out, so now I have version of the misti, and acrylic blocks, and now I’m buying ink because mine was old and old style, I have the 1st version of embossing powders, (30 years old) and amazing they still work. I love Laurel Birch and just discovered she has stamps, and they are amazing detail. Too detailed on some for water color painting other than Brusho style, ombré style. I have paper punches and old style brass embossing plates that disappeared years ago when machines do it for you. Trying to stay focused on water colors but my painting time has become challenged playing with new card making toys. Your uplifting blog is a great inspiration filled with ideas and keep the color mixing fun.

    Your visual poems are beautiful. i So enjoyed visiting your blog. I’m trying find a place to follow you, but have found that button yet.

    Life is short eat dessert first.
    Have a butterfly day.

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  14. Jodi, hi dear!
    I am nominating you on my Friday post for a Liebster Award. Congratulations, if you would like to accept, it will have my own jumbled up way of blogging about it. 😀
    My friend, Danica Piche, nominated me before Memorial Day so it is with respect for her blog I am passing this to my “newer” blogging friends which I am so happy we are friends, learning about each other. hugs xo 💐 ❤


  15. Hello Jodi,
    What a wonderful ‘About’ piece.
    It seems we have much in common… I also married at 19 and am still happily married 33 years later with three adult children and a one daughter in law and one son in law so far… and a love of cooking to mention just one other…
    Nice to meet you and I appreciate you finding and following me.
    Bye for now…
    Di 🙋🏻💐

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  16. I finally took the time to scoot about your blog at the behest of Robyn but in truth I have been meaning to for many moons. What I find quite captivates me… I shall spend more time and in the meantime ensure I don’t miss a thing by pressing ‘follow’. I look forward to journeying along with you 😊

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  17. Hi Jodi: I just stumbled on your blog and think it’s great. Looks like you and I are about the same age too. I’ve been considering starting a blog as more of a creative outlet as I can’t imagine really ever getting any followers. Anyways, thanks for your inspiration. Looking forward to continuing to follow you.

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    • Hi Barbara – How lovely to hear from you! I look forward to getting to know you. Don’t do it for followers – do it for you – and if you are genuine – the people with similar interest will come. Be brave and just do it! 🙂


  18. Hi Jodi, I found you today. How? I posted a blog called strength or weakness . I was curious to know how many people have written earlier about similar topics. So I typed “strength” in the search bar and I found your blog. Loved your painting and the blog. I wanted to know more about you and I landed on this page. Really like the way you have summed up your passion, interests and everything about yourself. I will read more of your blogs in the days to come. Keep writing!

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  19. Hi – just a note from the Wilson’s, to wish Marty well with the knee, and to tell him that Mom & Dad really enjoyed seeing him at Passavant (Mom said he’s a really nice kid (glad he’s still a kids, guess that makes me one too! lol). Life in Between is awesome, so appreciate receiving, and wish you a great 2018! Cindy

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  20. Hi Jodi
    I have nominated you for the Sunshine Blogger Award. Love your work and believe you deserve all the appreciation.
    Love and Peace!
    Please claim/read on the award here:

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  22. Hello Jodi,
    While searching Pinterest for “Paper Smooches Sentiment Sampler” stamp set, I saw that you had used it in a card you created.

    I was wondering if you still have the set, and if yes, would you be interested in selling it?

    I look forward to reading your reply and I appreciate your attention to this matter.
    Ottawa, Canada 


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