A Happy Birthday Money Cake!

money birthday cake Jake 27

Monday is my son, Jake’s 27th birthday.

First of all – how did that happen?  Where did the time go?!  I feel like I’m still 27, so how could my “child” be 27?

Anyway – when trying to decide what to get Jake for his birthday, we thought money was what he would appreciate most.

But I hate just writing a check or enclosing money in a card.

I need to be a bit more creative and personal than that.

So here is what I made for Jake.  A birthday money cake!

I think this is a cake even pie lovers would like – right?!

money cake Jake 27

It really was quite simple to make.

The layers are stryofoam discs with rolled dollar bills pinned to them.

I then made a “bow” from a $20, a $5, and two $1 bills to represent 27 years.  The layers are covered with 100 $1 bills.

money cake making

I used an 8″ piece for the bottom “layer,” then two 6″ ones glued together (they were not as high as the others, and I wanted to create more height), and the top is a 4″ piece.

I finished it off with some ribbon and poked 27 candles in too.

money birthday cake Jake 27

So – is Jake going to love it or is he going to want to shoot me for making him work so hard to take it apart to get his money???

I’m guessing the latter, but that makes me smile.  🙂

And I think Colleen will get a kick out of it.

Yep – these are the things I do at

life in between.

Cheers & Hugs,



74 thoughts on “A Happy Birthday Money Cake!

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      • Actually, I have two of them and since one is married and across the country (age 27 same as yours!) I’m just trying to figure out how to do one for his brother still here at home (age 15 soon to be 16) without the older one finding out so I can do one for him on his next b-day! Of course, there’s the whole shipping it cross country thing……*ever notice nothing is as easy as you think it will be??

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  3. This is a wonderful idea. I’m thinking I’ll make one for my son & his fiance’ for their engagement party. I’m sure they will get plenty of photo albums and frames but I think this will definitely stand out. Instead of candles, I thought I’d use fresh flowers around the cake and then on the top I would place a small frame with a picture of them together. I think I’ll use ribbon in their wedding colors. If you have any other suggestions to use on this cake, please feel free to let me know them.

    I see you used straight pins….did you stick the pins through the money and then into the foam?? Thanks for the great idea and your help. Marianne

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    • What a wonderful idea Marianne! Your idea sounds absolutely perfect! And yes – you do stick the pins through the money and foam! Hope you have fun making, and I know your son and his fiance will enjoy it!


  4. Thank you so for making Birthday ideas for Boys. My son will be turning Super Sixteen and I’m trying to pull Boy Ideas from everywhere. Your the Best by far!!!! Thank you Jodi

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  6. I have just seen your money cake, wow, just brilliant, now I have made cards incorporating money, making them a stem of a flower. A small vase of flowers, warped many notes, and stuck flowers on top, popped in a small glass jar with clear beads to hold them up instead of water. But this takes the top spot for me of all money gifts. Wow, wow, wow.

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  9. I made one for my friend but used play money mixed in with real money can’t tell the difference she will be so blown away as she loves the creativeness that I always come up with am going to put real flowers in a vase and put them down the middle
    On top

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