I want to ask you …

I want to ask you …

What makes your heart skip a beat?
What memories cause goosebumps on every inch of your skin?

I want to ask you …

Who has hurt you so deeply that you have lost all confidence in who you really are?
What loss has caused bitterness in your soul?

I want to ask you …

If you could be anywhere right now, doing anything you wanted to..
where would you be, and what would you be doing?

I want to ask you …

When you take a deep breath and close your eyes, what is the first thing you think about?
Does it make you happy, or does it make you sad?

I want to ask you …

What makes you want to jump out of bed in the morning?
What makes you smile when you go to sleep at night?

I want to ask you …

What do you think life is really about?
What is our purpose?

I want to ask you …
but is it okay?

Maybe I should just ask you …
How was your day?

Isn’t that
the polite thing to say?

Cheers & Hugs,

A Beautiful Question or A Beautiful Answer?

queen anne's lace

Queen Anne’s Lace – August, 2016 – Mars, PA

I wandered
and I wondered

surrounded by the intricate
beauty of nature.

Did “the queen”
strive to achieve her beauty…
or did she just
allow it to happen?

Did she recognize her beauty
in the complexity…
Or did it
even matter?

Was she
a weed…
Or was she
a beautiful flower?

Is it a
beautiful question…
Or is it
a beautiful answer?


Cheers & Hugs,