Love & Valentine’s Day


Love & Valentine’s Day

When I was a young girl
and dreamed about love,
it was dreamy and romantic
and dizzying and sweep-away, fairy tale-like.

Now that I’m not such a young girl,
but a woman who has loved
and who has also been loved
for many more years than not…

I know that love
is not just a feeling.
It is an action…  It is a verb.
It is a choice, and it is a decision.

It is giving just as much as receiving.
It is safe, and it is secure.
It is not always dreamy and romantic and dizzying,
but it is so much more.

So from the once 16-year old girl
who fell for that 20-year old boy,
I’m so thankful for your love,
and I love you more now than then.

Happy 38th Valentine’s Day!
May we have that many more.


A Love Story…

woodpecker love affair

They are so romantic…
it is better than a rare love story film.

They each peck at the feed for a moment or two,
then meet up in the middle to peck each other.

You say one is feeding the other,
but I see them each feed themselves.

Some say why feed them in the summer
when they can find their own food.

But then I would miss this kissing…
Woodpeckers falling in love.

Cheers and Hugs and Woodpecker Kisses,

This photo is being shared in the WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge: Off Season

PS  On my daily morning call with my Dad yesterday morning, I was telling him about how cute these woodpeckers are eating and “kissing.”  As we were talking, a woodpecker flew by him on his porch.  We were watching the woodpeckers at the same time in our homes an hour apart.  He asked, “Why haven’t we seen a picture of it yet?”  You see, he reads my blog every day, and we often talk about it.  So here it is Dad!  I ❤ You!