Jenna’s Roses in Watercolor

Jenna's Roses in Impressionist Watercolor 8x10 Saunders 140lb Cold Press

Jenna’s Roses in Impressionist Watercolor 8×10 Saunders 140lb Cold Press

Jenna’s Roses in Watercolor.

My super-talented, creative, artistic blogging friend, Jenna at The Painted Apron reached out recently to ask if I was interested in a “crazy idea.”

Jenna asked if I would be interested in both of us doing a floral watercolor from the same photo and sharing them to show how every artist interprets differently and has their own unique style.

I immediately said “Yes!”  Initially honored and excited, then doubtful and nervous, I waited for Jenna to provide the photo.

When Jenna sent this photo of gorgeous roses, I said “Let’s do it!”  Then I thought…. what did I get myself into?!  Roses are so complex and intricate.  And look at all of the detail in this photo.  My first painting was an effort to replicate.  It was ok, but it wasn’t “Jodi.”

I then decided to just create the beauty I felt from the photo, and I came up with my version.  Still not sure I love it, but I like it… and I really, really enjoyed creating it.   I painted it this past weekend during a sunny afternoon on the deck.  It is fun and completely different painting outdoors when the air and sun dries the paint much faster than while inside in the studio.

Here is Jenna’s painting of the rose photo.  Isn’t it beautiful?!   She is a real artist!

Jenna is my blogger “soul sister” in so many ways.  We both enjoy being creative with art and recipes and decorating and entertaining.  Be sure to check out her blog, The Painted Apron.  I’m sure you will enjoy!  Jenna also sells her art at where her art is made into tote bags and mugs and pillows and iPhone skins and many other beautiful things.  Hope you will check it out.

Thanks for the fun challenge, Jenna!

Cheers & Hugs,

The Warm Up

Pink Roses Warm Up Watercolor 5x7 Saunders 140 lb cold press

Pink Roses Warm Up Watercolor 5×7 Saunders 140 lb cold press

The Warm Up.

It’s a good thing to warm up…

In life…
when going to bat,
when giving a speech,
when writing,
when painting….

And sometimes…
the little warm up
surprises us
with unexpected joy
and unexpected satisfaction
and pleasure.

This little painting
was a warm up
for painting some roses.

Just a super quick, five-minute
loose test of sorts
that turned out to be something
I found to be quite beautiful.

Much like life…

So many things
we consider to be
the “warm up”
turn out to be
beautiful surprises.

Cherish the moments!

Cheers & Hugs,

Roses and thorns

pink rose impressionist watercolor 5x7 matted 8x10 2

I’ve never been very successful at growing roses,
but I thought it might be fun to try painting some this past weekend.

Roses remind me of love,
of Mother’s Day,
of Romeo and Juliet,
of Valentines and fragrance and summertime.

purple rose impressionist watercolor 5x7 matted xx10

Roses also remind me that there is always two ways to look at things…

Roses have thorns…
Thorns have roses!

May you see roses in all of your thorns.

Cheers & Hugs,