Foreseeable Fall Frolicking


Chrysanthemums in shades of orange and yellow.
Snuggly flannel shirts and cozy hooded sweatshirts.

Snapping and crackling of well-dried wood in the fireplace.
Sipping warm cinnamon apple cider spiked with bourbon.

Spongey pumpkin bread slathered with honey butter.
Crisp, tart apples with slivers of sharp cheddar cheese.

Brightly colored leaves swirling in the breeze.
Gingerbread and gingersnaps and ginger beer in Moscow mules.

High school and College and National and Fantasy football.
Soft socks, comfy crocs, and fuzzy slippers.

Roasted steaming cubes of butternut and acorn squash.
Popcorn munching during binge watching movie marathons.

Fleece blankets, tight hugs, and doggie snuggles.
Foreseeable Fall Frolicking.

Cheers & Hugs,