I want to ask you …

I want to ask you …

What makes your heart skip a beat?
What memories cause goosebumps on every inch of your skin?

I want to ask you …

Who has hurt you so deeply that you have lost all confidence in who you really are?
What loss has caused bitterness in your soul?

I want to ask you …

If you could be anywhere right now, doing anything you wanted to..
where would you be, and what would you be doing?

I want to ask you …

When you take a deep breath and close your eyes, what is the first thing you think about?
Does it make you happy, or does it make you sad?

I want to ask you …

What makes you want to jump out of bed in the morning?
What makes you smile when you go to sleep at night?

I want to ask you …

What do you think life is really about?
What is our purpose?

I want to ask you …
but is it okay?

Maybe I should just ask you …
How was your day?

Isn’t that
the polite thing to say?

Cheers & Hugs,

The Things We Treasure

The final assignment for #Writing101 is to write about something we treasure, and the twist is to experiment with longform and push to write more than usual.

So for anyone that has faithfully followed along, I did miss a couple of the twenty assignments, but all-in-all, this has been such an amazing journey.  One of deep thinking and thoughtful process.  One of stretching myself out of my comfort zone.  One that has certainly challenged me.  One that is teaching me to not only be okay with myself, but to start liking myself for me just the way I am, and learning to love myself.   Love comes very easy for me…   When it comes to others…

I feel I have grown through the process, and I know I still have a long way to go, but guess what?  That is what it’s all about Alfie – this thing called life.    Growing and stretching and challenging yourself and learning and doing new things.  But most of all, sharing it with those we love, and experiencing the joy of love.   Yep – at life in between.  So hear goes my final assignment for #Writing101.  (But no fear – or “oh no!” – I think there may be a #Writing201 in my future…)

There is no material item I can fathom or imagine treasuring more than I treasure my family – and friends that are like family – that bring such joy and love to my life.

I know it sounds so cliche’, but I truly cannot think of an item that I treasure more dearly.

And at the top of that list is this awkward young man I met 35 years ago.  He was 20.  I was 16.

He’s not so young anymore – but neither am I.

And the most awesome thing I can say about that is I know without a doubt that I love this now sometimes grumpy but whose laugh melts my heart,  gray-haired but more handsome than ever, still sometimes awkward but ever-so intelligent, opinionated that I don’t always agree with, kind-hearted but doesn’t want anyone to know, talented, dependable, logical, level-headed, big lug of a guy with a ‘derriere’ that can still make me blush more than I did all those years ago.

How sweet is the longevity of a lifetime of love?  It’s truly not about mushiness or goobiness or googly eyes or butterflies.  It’s about a sacred bond.  It’s about feeling confident and secure and comfortable and simply loved.

“I believe in love, Alfie.”

So, Merv, after all this, do you still “think I’m cuuuuuute?”  I guess this turned into a love letter just for you…


With love,