Love ya

big dealI wasn’t going to post today, but it’s a friend’s birthday, and she asked me to write a blog post today for her birthday – “not about her – just something fun” is what she said.


It got me thinking about all the birthdays we are celebrating right around now – FUN! FUN!  We will continue to celebrate our Colleen tomorrow with a family dinner and then my BFF Jill’s birthday is Monday and a couple more right around now.  (And one that I forgot about last night at JB for a sweet friend that I must make up!!)

Thinking about all of these birthdays and these wonderful friends and dear family members makes me smile.  I am so fortunate to have these wonderful people in my life that I love so much and that love me back!  Go figure!

One of my (many) weird quirks is the need to have the last thing I say be “Love Ya” when hanging up the phone with family or friends or saying good-bye after being together.

Marty tells me I’m a pessimist because I always think the worst.  I really don’t think I am.  I think I usually see the bright side in most everything.  I always like someone until they give me reason not to – you don’t have to prove yourself to me.  I automatically like you.

I fall in love very easy too!  I love people!  I’m not talking in the “I want to marry you” kind of way.  Already got that covered!

I mean I genuinely love people.  Love meeting new people.  Love learning about their “story.”  Love making people happy.  I enjoy being with people – nope – not a loner here.

So back to the pessimist comment.  I always end conversations with “Love ya” because I always think – If this is the last time I see this person  – or the last time I talk to them – I want the last thing they remember I said to be that I love them.

Pessimistic?  I don’t know…  I do worry.  About E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G when it comes to my family and friends because I love them so much and don’t want anything to happen to them.  I know it’s unproductive and I’m working on that, but in the meantime – I am just going to keep making sure that every time I hang up the phone or say goodbye –  I say “Love Ya.”

…and oh how I love it when they say it back!

Yep – that’s me – life in between.

Cheers and Hugs,


PS And Happy Birthday Julie!  Hope this was ok!  Love ya!



10 thoughts on “Love ya

  1. So glad you decided to post today, this is great!!!!
    Pessimist????? I really don’t think so! When we had encounters at work, I always felt that your cup is always “Half Full”.
    My husband always says that I worry about the strangest things. I just call it caring too much!!!
    So go on caring and loving and living “life in between”!!!! ❤ Ya

    PS- So enjoying your blog, have a Great Memorial Day weekend.


    • Thanks Charlotte – so great to keep in touch with you – and thank you for your kind words! I like that “caring too much” mentality. Let’s just keep on doing it! 🙂 Love ya back!


  2. You card is super awesome- love the light blue splashes as a background for the flower- perfect. I agree with the “love ya” sentiment. Years ago, I started ending my phone conversations with friends telling them, love you! I sincerely do so why not tell them? My kids always end their conversations with Jim and I with “I love you” even when calling from the grocery store! I must admit…I actually ended a phone conversation with a service person with…Ok, thanks, love you. We both laughed so hard! Thanks for your sweet message today, LOVE YA Jodi!


    • LOL! I have done the same thing with business calls – sometimes saying it by accident and sometimes stopping short before I did, but hey – what the heck – it’s all good – the world needs a little more love ya’s – right? Love ya back Cindy!


  3. I really enjoy reading your blog, Jodi. You’re really good at this! Your cards are beautiful, too. I dabble at making cards myself now and then. I think they are so much nicer than store-bought ones, and yours definitely are! Take care and keep bloggin’



  4. I commented on Facebook about how much I enjoyed this blog post, but thought I would comment here so my sentiments stay with your blog. I asked for a blog for my birthday, and boy did you produce! It was also not even an hour after I made the suggestion. The best part however, was the heart of the blog. I ALWAYS say ” I love you!” When hanging up the phone or saying goodbye. I want everyone to know how I feel about them. I felt like you were writing about me! Just goes to show that great minds think alike. I love your blog . . . And I love you!


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