Sticks and Stones: A Charlie Guest Post

Sticks and Stones:  A Charlie Guest Post.

I know you humans have a rhyme that says:
Sticks and Stones may break my bones….”

And I get it….
It’s a good lesson about name calling…

But I LOVE sticks and stones!
They are nature’s toothbrush and toy all in one!

Even ask my baby niece!
She knows who to watch and learn from.

When Mom brings her outside,
she brings a blanket and toys for her to sit on and play with.

But she watches how her Uncle Charlie has fun!
I romp through the leaves and play with the sticks and stones.

And then she does the same.

I’m such a good uncle!
Don’t you think?

Woofs and Wags,

Charlie is an adopted dog with brown eyes and a white-tipped tail who brings joy and laughter to his family and friends.  Charlie is a gifted writer, raving food critic, cat, chipmunk, and donut lover, and exceptionally photogenic model.  Some of his best friends are Mike the UPS Man, Cliff the Mailman, Jaeger the neighbor dog, and ANYONE who delivers pizza to the house.   If you would like to read more guest posts by Charlie, simply type “Charlie” into the Search box at the top right hand corner of this link:   If you would enjoy a companion like Charlie, please consider pet adoption.


50 thoughts on “Sticks and Stones: A Charlie Guest Post

  1. Jodi, Roxy really liked Charilie’s post and said that if he wanted to make a trip here to Cocoa Beach, Florida, she would share her new yard in the RV Park on Patrick AFB so they could fetch sticks together !
    Roxy sends love and kisses to Charlie and wishes him a lot of treats !

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  2. You seem to be thoroughly enjoying your romp with that stick! Now, if you could be enticed to put numerous sticks just like that into a pile… I have just the job for YOU! And, I pay well! Travelling expenses are negotiable too. I firmly support the attitude: work hard, play harder! Interested? Thank-you and it’s always fun to hear from you.

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    • Oh ms Ellen it sounds wonderful! Sadly I suffer terrible motion sickness so I rarely leave my happy home and yard! So glad there are lots of sticks here! Thanks for the offer though! I hear you have a really sweet grandson named Benjamin who I just know I would love! With you say hi to him from me and tell him mom hopes he is feeling better? ❤️🐶


      • Good help is so difficult to find these days! I will just have to wait for Benjamin to get better and hope I have more success enticing him to take the “pick-up-sticks” position. He is a formidable negotiator! Please tell your Mom that he’s still not feeling better. P.S. Benjamin would love you too. He will be happy to see your post when he comes tomorrow. Thank-you!

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      • Charlie, I read your post to Benjamin and he thinks you must be so much fun to play with in the leaves. He sends a big hug to you and a smeary kiss on your picture too! He says that your doggie kisses are making him “all better!”

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  3. Dear Charlie, “sticks” is such a great game to play! I know you are having lots of fun with your niece and all your visitors…. you talk them into games too, don’t you!? What a wonderful post, its good to see you having a grand time Charlie 🙂 cheers, ‘auntie’ debi

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