Thank You! – and how to make Faux Enamel Dots for Card Embellishments

watercolor thank you washi tape enamel dots

Thank you for visiting my blog.

Today is my 50th day blogging LifeinBetween.Me – and my 50th post!

What a joy it has been to receive messages and comments from folks I didn’t even know were reading this fun little project of mine…

People I know – and people I don’t – some who I haven’t talked to in a while – and some who are becoming new friends!

If I can make an impact in some small way, then it is a success!

Today’s card is a thank you to all of you.  This was a super easy and fun one to make that was inspired by one I saw on Pinterest by a StampinUp Design Artisan! – Becky Cowley.

thank you card

The fun part about it was making the faux enamel dots.  While I only needed a few, I thought it well worth making a bunch in an assortment of colors and sizes.  I used a variety of punches (including the good ole’ StampinUp Owl Punch!), which has several different size circles.

enamel dots

After punching out the circles (and even a couple little hearts), I scattered them on wax paper and put a “glob” (such a technical term) of StampinUp’s Crystal Effects on each.  Then you just let them dry to a shiny, glossy, bright and fun embellishment for future cards.

enamel dots 2

Wishing you a shiny, bright and fun day.

at LifeinBetween.

Cheers and Hugs,



32 thoughts on “Thank You! – and how to make Faux Enamel Dots for Card Embellishments

  1. Super cute dots, Jodi! I have made a few but should bulk up to have on hand. Crystal Effects is awesome! Thanks for sharing your card, your musings, and your lifeinbetween:)


  2. You are Welcome Jodi!
    Your blog has been so much fun to follow and comment about.
    Have a blest Fourth of July weekend, we are spending it with our kids, from Brooklyn, in Orlando.


  3. Jodi, Funny you should post this card, as I have been reading up on how to make my own dots. This seems to be the simplest so far. I used to be a Creative Memories consultant years ago. We had some really cute mini punches that would work great for this! Looking forward to trying this technique and making some unique dots.
    Julie-from the “Where the Rubber Hits the Road Team”


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  6. Hi Jodi, great idea, love it :-)! In case you don’t have the right colored paper on hand – try out putting glossy accents directly on wax paper and then use nail polish! Or if you are after a specific shape you can also add nail polish on top of the glossy layer of i.e. your heart punch. This also works very well, the nail polish sticks great on the glossy accents and provides the same shiny look. cheers Susanne

    Liked by 1 person

    • Wow. That was a while back. Sorry to hear they don’t have in catalogue any more. I wonder if you google it and find a stampin up Rep or someone on eBay that has some to sell or maybe there is something else similar? Good luck in your search !


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