Happy 1st Anniversary Jake and Colleen!

Owl Punch Jake and Colleen First Anniversary Card

I can’t believe it is already a year!

A year since our family was so fortunate to add a new McKinney member.


A year since our Jake was lucky enough to “score” one of the greatest girls in the world to be his wife!


A year since Marty and I were given the gift of a wonderful “Daughter” (in law)!


A year since the greatest party of all time at Gable Farm!


A year since “I Do” and “I Do Too!” 🙂

Happy Anniversary Jake and Colleen!

I love you both MORE than you could ever know, and more than words could ever express.

I wish you a lifetime of love and joy and happiness!

Know that it will be tested with trials and challenges, but also know that it is worth it and you are both worth it, and it can last a lifetime.

Cheers and Hugs for the first of many HAPPY ANNIVERSARIES!

Owl Punch Jake and Colleen First Anniversary Card




7 thoughts on “Happy 1st Anniversary Jake and Colleen!

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