Warmth: @ 51.364

Weekly Photo Challenge:  Warmth - Candle Glow & Christmas Lights

Weekly Photo Challenge: Warmth

Warmth….  Awwwwhhh….  Such a cozy thought this time of year as we begin Winter and prepare for the coldest months of the year here on in Mars.

There’s nothing like curling up on the couch under a fleece blanket by the glow of candlelight and a crackling fire – especially during the holidays with the twinkling reflection of Christmas tree lights adding additional warmth to the living room.  Add a nice glass of dry red wine – maybe 7 Deadly Zins or a nice Cab – or maybe even a stiff Bombay and tonic with a twist of lime or a glass of sweet syrupy Port or some brandy over ice (oops – I digress!).

We were talking about warmth – right?  (that’s this week’s WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge).

All of this is such a lovely scenario until IT hits….

Most women out there 45 years + likely know what I’m talking about….

The family is sitting together all snuggly – watching TV, reading, looking at our computers/iPhones/iPads – and IT happens all of the sudden – out of nowhere.

My face becomes flush from the neck up, the fleece gets thrown off, the ceiling fan goes on, and I say (every single time – completely shocked and surprised – as if it were the first):

“Is it HOT in here or is it just me?”

Warmth is an understatement when IT hits!

But then, usually in less than 2 or 3 minutes, IT is gone.  The blanket gets pulled back up, another log on the fire, another sip of…..

Oh the joy of HOT flashes as I celebrate life,

New Year’s Eve,

and my (GULP!) 52nd birthday…

Today!  🙂

Warm Cheers & Hugs,

PS Why 51.364?

Well, unless you are reading this close to midnight on 12/31/14, I am still 51 – and hanging on to it as long as I can…

According to ancient folklore, I was born very close to midnight – almost 1/1/63 – – –  8 minutes or 12 minutes or something close to that.

So, I’m much closer to 52 for my Australian friends than my Martian friends.

But really – 51 – 52 – what’s the difference really?! Especially when IT hits!

36 thoughts on “Warmth: @ 51.364

  1. Oh MY GOSH! Those ITS are truly awful! I took hormones for years to avoid those ITS but finally went off of them and dealt with them (UGH) until they finally disappeared. (Whew! It’s so much cooler these days. :D) That picture is BEAUTIFUL! I wish you a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY Jodi! I also wish you a Very Happy New Year! I wish you the best of everything wonderful and special for 2015. I certainly look forward to sharing it with you. 🙂

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  2. Happy birthday my dear friend. Looking forward to celebrating your birthday and the new year together! I will step outside when IT hits tonight since your fireplace can’t be turned off!


  3. LOL on the IT!! My MIL and I were just talking about that yesterday. I have not had IT hit me yet, but she has dealt with it for years! You made me feel so cozy as you were describing the scene and then you made me laugh 🙂 Great post and look forward to reading more in the NY! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! HAVE a SUPER ONE and a BLESSED YEAR!! My youngest daughter says the same thing about her birthday, that she’s not actually the new age til the exact time! LOL!

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  4. Happy, wonderful and special birth day celebration to you, Jodi! I absolutely love reading your blog and look forward to another year of interesting takes on old subjects, new ways of looking at the ordinary, and the fresh approach to thinking outside the box. That’s what your blog brings to me, so it would seem that I am benefitting from your birthday and receiving the gift instead of you. Have a great 52nd year. Wishing you a new year filled with health, happiness, and the immeasurable love of family and friends.


    • Wow! Marguerite – I am humbled by your lovely message. Thank you for the wonderful birthday gift! I cannot tell you how much it means! 🙂 Happy new year to you and yours! Talk soon, my friend!


  5. Ancient folklore…I’m still laughing. Happy birthday lovely and happy New Year’s Day? I’m getting lost with the time differences. Nice post and liked your type of digression 😉 IT fell upon me 9 years ago, lasted for ooh about 6-7. Clear for a year, now and then IT returns, the covers go flying, the huffs and puffs commence..ah the joys of being female. 😞


  6. Happy birthday, a bit belated! We’re the same age (well, actually you’re 21 days older, ha!) and I can tell you that a quality OTC natural progesterone cream is VERY helpful for IT. Stopped that nonsense in IT’s tracks for me, pretty much! Hope you had a wonderful birthday with a ridiculous amount of cake!


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