Love is Kindness – A Card – An Adventure

PP227 1

I needed to make an anniversary card for a very special couple that is celebrating 55 years together later this week.

My Aunt Gwen and Uncle Frank are very special to me.  You see, they have just come back into my life about four and a half years ago when I reunited with my Dad (my first Dad). [You can read more about that here if you would like.]

Aunt Gwen is my Dad’s sister, and she has become more of a mother-figure to me (as well as sharing her two daughters with me that are more like sisters).  The day I [re]met them as an adult (the last time I’d seen them I was 9 years old) was a day I will never forget.  I sat with Aunt Gwen and had a heart-to-heart talk where she shared with me that my birthday remained on her calendar every single year, and she had always known I would come back to them.  Uncle Frank hugged me and told me he would know me anywhere.

When they came to my home for the first time, Uncle Frank brought me a gift.  It was something he told me he had bought years ago and knew he would be able to give to me some day.  It was a collector’s doll – – – named “Jodi.”

Aunt Gwen and I talk often – either via phone and/or email.  We are Facebook “friends,” and she is one of my blog followers, so I am so happy to honor her and Uncle Frank and profess my deep love and admiration and gratitude to them.

Happy Anniversary Aunt Gwen and Uncle Frank!

I love you dearly!  And this card is on its way to you 🙂

 PP227 2

For my card, I couldn’t wait to use this new StampinUp “Love is Kindness” stamp Cindy Brumbaugh of CindyLeeBee Designs gave all of us that attended her Spring StampinUp Tea on Saturday.

My stamper partner in crime and daughter-in-law, Colleen and I had so much fun – – – and quite the adventure – as it seems we always do when we are together.  🙂

It started out with the fact that my car had a near empty tank of gas.  It’s been so stinkin’ cold that I’ve been waiting for it to warm up a bit before stopping to refill.  But no – – – that didn’t happen.  Turns out I was reaching near empty on the very coldest day of all.    We made it to gas station fine, but apparently my freezing fingertips entered my debit card pin number wrong too many times until it was rejected, so I had to go inside the station to the attendant in the 2 degree weather to pay.  Problem solved – right?  Wrong!  The pump still didn’t work….  So Colleen made two trips in and so did I before we finally got it all working.  The attendant had assumed I wanted “regular” gas, and I kept pushing the premium grade.  Sheesh!

So we got back on the road and onto the turnpike (toll limited access road).  I buzzed through the EZ Pass lane and off we went….  until we got to the exit booth, and I was in the pay lane instead of the EZ Pass lane.  What to do?  No matter how much I willed it and sent telepathic messages to switch, the red light would not turn green.  I looked up at the irritated attendant watching me.  He barked at me to hand him my EZ Pass.  But it is attached to my windshield.  “Just pull it off,” he grunted.  With what took much stumbling and stammering and excuses about thinking I was in the only lane that was open and near super-human strength, I was finally able to release the unit from the velcro.

“That will be $23.95 charged to your pass,” Mr. Friendly grumbled.

When my mouth dropped open, knowing we had only traveled two exits, he cracked himself up laughing.

“Just kidding,” he said.  Phew!  He did have a sense of humor!  And off we go again.

We found our way to the Mall where the class was being held at Cindy’s studio.  I’d been there before, but couldn’t recall exactly which entrance to go into, so we choose Entrance 5, and I decided we should head left.  It felt like that was the “right” way.  The mall is a large circle where many people go to exercise walk in the winter since it is quite large (and a big circle).  So we walked, and we walked, and we walked, and we were late, and later and later.  Then, with Entrance 5 just a few steps ahead of us after almost fully completing our first “lap” with the other walkers, there was the studio.  Yep – only a few feet to the RIGHT of Entrance 5!  So out of breath, 20 minutes late, but laughing and still smiling, we joined the class.

We had a great time!  We stamped and chatted and laughed with the 25 or 30 other ladies at the “party,” had a delicious lunch Cindy prepared HERSELF, and I even passed on the chips and cupcakes!  (You proud??)

When it was time to go, I thought I better grab my key before we head out into the bone-chilling weather.  I checked my purse – hmmm….  maybe I put them in my coat pocket?  hmmm….. Maybe in my jeans pocket?   hmmmm….  Let me check my camera bag….  hmmmm…..

“Okay – Colleen – you check my purse while I check the camera bag.”

“Not in your purse,” said Colleen.

YIKES!  We dumped everything out of my purse.  Where is that darn key?  We put everything back in the purse.

Check pockets again.

Colleen checks purse again.

Then all of the sudden – TA-DA!  Somehow that little bugger was there at the bottom of my purse all along (as well as the tweezers I just told Colleen I’d lost and needed to buy a new pair…)  Score!

You would think we would have just headed home at this point – right?  Nope.  Not us.  We continued carrying on.  Even went grocery shopping together.

But sheesh – I sure digressed here from this “card” and “anniversary” post – eh?


Along with the stamp I chose, I decided to play along with The Paper Players Color Challenge this week (PP227) and use Crisp Cantaloupe, Lost Lagoon, and Sahara Sand.

I like how the colors worked together for this stamp and card.  I decided to stamp it on watercolor paper with Black Stazon Ink and watercolor the ink into it for a softer look.  I also used some of the new “Adventure Bound”  Designer Series Paper for a background that seemed to compliment the color scheme.  A piece of lost lagoon ribbon and a little jute bow finished it off.

PP227 3

I sure hope this card arrives to Aunt Gwen and Uncle Frank’s mailbox easier than my trip to get this stamp did!

Cheers & Hugs,


31 thoughts on “Love is Kindness – A Card – An Adventure

    • Thanks Jeanne! If I wouldn’t make fun of myself, I would be so pitifully inept! LOL! So just have to laugh about it and have fun! Colleen is always such a good sport about it too! Oh what she puts up with in having me for a mother-in-law!! 🙂

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  1. My heart is so touched! I just came back from reading about you and your birth father’s story and it almost made me cry. I am so glad that your sweet husband made that reunion happen. Awesome! I love this card Jodi and especially all the love and “adventure” you put into it. Loved hearing the story of yours and your daughter-in-law’s escapade. Haha! You are such a beautiful person inside and out your dad is blessed to have you back in his life (and vice versa). All of this is a beautiful and heartwarming story. ((Hugs!!)) xo


  2. Why is it events like that seem to tumble one into the other as you describe here? I am actually going to get a smaller purse; mine is like the Black Hole of Calcutta – I can never find anything in the wretched thing!


  3. How wonderful about your Aunt Gwen and Uncle Frank!!! Congrats on their anniversary and even more beautiful is there reuniting with you!! How precious that your Uncle Frank saved the doll for you! Love it! Thanks for sharing the story! And LOL at your story about getting it mailed!! I gotta go back and read your story about your Dad, I am sure it will bring tears to my eyes. HUGS to you friend!!


  4. Oh, Jodi……Thank you so much for being such a blessing to our family..(your family,too)….Your kind remembrance means so much…I like the part of being like a mother to you, for that is what I am meant to be…We love you so much….and your family, too…

    Sent from my iPad


  5. Jodi, your card is beautiful! I just got it in my order last week and will definitely be giving it a workout! Thanks for sharing your life and your stories with humor! Laughter is always the best way to face the bumps in our lives and every time you use your new stamp set you will get a wonderful memory back! Thank you for joining us at The Paper Players!


  6. Oh gosh, Jodi…my day started out just lovely, too! You missed nothing being a bit late! The party only starts when YOU get there anyway! You rocked this stamp set, lady- such an unbelievably gorgeous card!!!! Big, big hugs to you, my friend!


  7. I am so touched by your story, Jodi. I actually reconnected through SU with a first cousin from my dad who left us at a young age. It is too late to reconnect with him although there was a slight opportunity a few years ago but no reconnect. So glad you have your dad back in your life:) Such blessings!


  8. Jodi I am still chuckling from reading this epic blog post; your Aunt and Uncle sound like worthy recipients of such a gorgeous card and I am glad you and Colleen survived your day and you’re still smiling! I love the watercoloured finish of this stamp and the background paper and jute bow a perfect accompaniments! Happy New Year Wishes to you and a great use of our colours – thanks for joining us over at The Paper Players this week!


  9. What a heartwarming story! And then it gets funny 🙂 LOVE this card! Where I am from, Tyler Texas it is the Rose Capital of the world. On street corners they sell roses for $1 a dozen, wrapped in newspaper. When I got engaged, I took 50 dozen roses to my future Mother In Law in Mississippi. She thought I had broke the bank!!! Even though these aren’t roses I may need this set 🙂


      • Last I heard, yes 🙂 I have lived in Mississippi for 22 years now. Funny I still think of Texas as home. Even my family is here now. What a way to win over your future MIL, huh? Hehe 🙂

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