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love life bird yellow

So it’s Friday night – though you are reading this sometime after 6:00 am EST on Saturday.  (If you haven’t caught on yet, I schedule my daily posts for 6 am EST, but I typically write them the evening before.)  😉

And for this particularly exciting Friday evening (as I am fighting off a head cold that is trying to get the best of me and a little bit of a sore back – did something at the dang gym – grr!), Marty and I ate Chinese take out (I indulged in my favorite 8-treasure rice from Jimmy Wann’s and a nice glass of Red Zin – my first all week!) in front of a warm fire… and I got to pick the movie.

I rarely even care what is on television, but I love to pick a movie on Friday evening for some reason.  ( I know – really exciting stuff – eh?!)

So, as I write this, I am not only sniffling from the nasal drip of this cold, but from literally bawling my eyes out.

We watched “The Fault in our Stars.”

I know – a little late to the game on this one – eh?  But – wow – what a beautiful story…

Ok – maybe a little mushy, a little cliche, a little predictable.

But also so life affirming, thought provoking, and a reminder of how precious life is.

A story that shows us how we need to discover that a good life does not mean we have to be famous or accomplished or published or world-renown ….

One of my favorite lines is when 16 year old cancer patient, Hazel tells her boyfriend Gus, an 18-year old young man who is dying and disappointed that he didn’t do something greater with his life:

“You say you’re not special because the world doesn’t know about you, but that’s an insult to me. I know about you.”

My BFF, Jill, and I have often said to each other throughout the years, “What’s it all about?”

I think it’s about loving…

Loving life – and the people that are in our life…

And isn’t that enough?

So what a coincidence that I had made this (yet another – been on a crafty kick this week) card with this crazy little bird that I can’t even tell you what colors I used, because I kept combining and mixing and blending a million colors until I liked it, from the SU stamp set called – of all things –  “Love Life.”

So Discover how to love life.

It is worth it.  Every cherished moment.

Cheers & Hugs,

And P.S.  I’ll be baking tomorrow… look for a new recipe I’m trying for Orange Slice Cookies.

16 thoughts on “Love Life

  1. I’m pretty late to the game too. Saw this movie in October on a cruise to Hawaii. A full theatre on a huge ship with the average age around 70 and not a dry eye in the house. With all the sniffles you’d swear it was an ad for tissues. You may also want to check out The Hundred-Foot Journey, just because of the French markets, sunlit valleys, and the food. Ah, the food…

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    • Oh how fun to go on a cruise to Hawaii first of all, Marguerite, and I’m glad I’m not the only one to catch this late and to bawl my eyes out. Thanks for the recommendation. Will have to add it to my Friday night list. 🙂


  2. Hello! Just got up at 10:00 am. (I was up and down all night) but must have gone back to bed before your post came out. I LOVE this little cute bird. You always do such an amazing job on your cards and this card didn’t disappoint. Adorable! I look forward to seeing your orange slice cookies and hopefully getting the recipe. Today, I am canning. :sigh:

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  3. Hope your back feels better from the “dang gym.” I don’t know this movie so I don’t think you’re late to the game, you’re ahead of the curve compared to me, Jodi. And, yes, of course, it is always about love, isn’t it? And possibly those cookies you mention….

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