A Grandparent Shower!

grandparent shower burnt almond torte cake

One of the highlights of our weekend was attending a “Grandparent Shower” for some very dear friends.

Kathleen and Jack have waited quite a long time to become grandparents, and we are so excited and happy for them.

So a small group of very close friends got together to SURPRISE them with a Grandparent Shower to celebrate how happy we are for them.

Many in attendance are already grandparents.  Once couple even great-grandparents.  But what we all had in common was our love and joy for our friends who have been through a lot and are so excited to become grandparents.

Grandmas Survival Basket Card

I put together a little Gramma’s Survival basket for Kathleen.

Grandmas Survival Basket gift

And Hubby created the cutest ever Grampa’s Infant Assistant Kit – all on his own!  One Ziploc baggie was filled with “equipment” and “instructions for Diaper Changing…

Grandpas Infant Assistance Kit for Changing Diapers

and the other was filled with Nap Time Supplies, including a bottle of Jameson Irish Whiskey for “medicinal spirits” for our new Irish Grandpa.

Grandpas Infant Assistance Kit for Nap Time

We also gave them a keepsake book to work on to fill with Memories for their grandchild and a couple of books to read with their grandchild that are so adorably written and illustrated on How to Babysit a Grandma and How to Babysit a Grandpa.

grandparent shower gift books

I wrapped them up and added a little watercolor card I made.

A little birdie told me watercolor card and grandparent shower gift

Our hosts had delicious beverages…

grandparent shower sangria

and treats.

grandparent shower caprese salad

And fifty pink roses were displayed all around.  Can you guess what sex the grandchild is going to be?

grandparent shower pink roses

We started with a toast.

grandparent shower toast

And so enjoyed watching them open the few little gifts we bought for them to celebrate their joy.

grandparent shower kathleen and jack

Kathleen and Jack shared reading glasses,

grandparent shower kathleen and jack 2

and it was fun to watch Kathleen explain finger puppets to Grandpa.

grandparent shower kathleen and jack 3

Supplies for bath time at grandma and grandpa’s house included more pink…

grandparent shower kathleen and jack 4

soft and fuzzy stuff!

grandparent shower jack

And hubby enjoyed one of his first showers with two awesome hostesses!  Thanks Cindy and Sally.

grandparent shower marty and hostesses cindy and sally

And all under the pretense that Jack was bringing some of his amazing homegrown heirloom tomatoes to a picnic where Gary and Cindy needed them.

heirloom tomatoes

We love you Jack and Kathleen and can’t wait to celebrate and love your bundle of joy!

Cheers & Hugs,




43 thoughts on “A Grandparent Shower!

    • Awh! It is my “entertainment” I suppose. Not much I care to watch on tv, so it is my “in between” downtime fun! When I should be cleaning I suppose – haha! Yep – a girl for a couple who had two boys. They are thrilled!!

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  1. What a creative way to share the JOY with your friends! Love how you shared the FUN with all of us! 💖💖💖 And chosen family is the best kind!

    BTW – loved your sweet watercolor card and I hope you paint those heirloom tomatoes – they are gorgeous! 🎨😊🍅

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Oh Jodi, you thought of everything! How much fun and how hilarious are the instructions! I wish someone had given us a grandparent shower! Being a grandparent ain’t for sissies 🙂 Love the books, my granddaughter has the How to Babysit a Grandpa and it’s hilarious! You are the best friend, I might have to move to Mars…


    • Oh yippee Jenna ! Come! What great parties we could have!!!! The books are so stinking cute. The grandma one was even on the NYT best seller list. We had so much fun celebrating their joy!!


  3. Oh, Jodi! What a fabulous Grandparents’ Shower!! You and your hubby both created such amazing gifts for Kathleen and Jack. I must search for those books, too. So many of my friends are being ‘promoted’ to grandparents! How perfect to surprise your friends with this shower on Grandparents’ Day weekend! ♡

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