24 thoughts on “Boys will be Boys – Charlie on Toys

  1. Oh, Jodi–We gave our dog a stuffed monkey from the supermarket pet section when she was new to us; she carried that little friend around in her mouth for three days. It ‘slept’ in her bed.

    Then she got up one day and ripped it to shreds, and we heard ominous music playing in the background…

    You give me hope that we’re not harboring some sinister doggie impulses in our household….

    Thanks for a great post!



  2. My daughter has a little Jack Russell who completely destroys dog toys. He won’t rest until they’re obliterated. He also destroyed every dog bed they got him but loves his little cat bed! Maybe he’s trying to tell us something….

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  3. Yes, dogs have their own way of “enjoying” toys. Mine insists on immediately removing the squeaker from every stuffed squeaky toy we give her, and then pulling out all the stuffing. Afterwards, she will play fetch with the empty casing..

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  4. I’m sure it is a form of total love and affection … the dismemberment of soft toys.
    It’s usually quite delightful seeing the resident K9 take to the new cuddly with an excessive amount of vigor.


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