Lunch Time with Charlie

Charlie walk

These are a few of my favorite things:

  1. Breakfast
  2. Dinner
  3. Lunch

#1 and #2 are pretty obvious…  Time to EAT!

Woohoo!  Yahoo!   Woot!  Woot!  Yippee Yo Ki Yay!

#3 – now this one is a little different….

at least for me…

Most of you lucky ducks reading this are fortunate enough to get to eat AGAIN at lunch time.

Mom tells me, however, that dogs only get to eat at Breakfast and Dinner.  (heavy dog sigh)


Lunch time can be pretty darn glorious (at least if it is a day Mom works from her home office and it is not raining – or she is not feeling toooooo laaazzzy!)….

We get to go for a WALK!

That wonderful, amazing, magnificent four-letter word that can only be spoken within 10 seconds of the actual event occurring!  WALK!!!!

Oh the wonderful smells and sights and people and activity!  It’s a wonderful part of a dog’s life – – – W…. A…. L…. K….  One of the greatest words ever.

If we are lucky, I get to see some of my friends on our walk.

I really, really, really love the little ones that Mom calls “kids.”

They are fun because they are just my size and they like to run fast like me, and they  are always so happy.

Sometimes I get to see other dogs and cats on my walk too – some are friendly – some not so much…  (Mom says we just have to “leave it” when we go by them!)

One of the stupidest parts of walks are a thing called “cars.”

Every single time one of them interferes with my walk along the road, Mom makes ME get “over” and lets them go by!  Seriously?!  The nerve!  Don’t they know this is MY walk!?!

While I’m busy sniffing and smelling, Mom is usually looking around.  Lately, she has been going on and on about how “wonderful” the weather has been.  Yesterday it was 64 degrees F on our walk.  Mom says this is unseasonably warm for mid-November in Mars.  She goes on and on about how beautiful the sky is and how warm the breeze is.

Yesterday, she got all excited because she saw these yellow flowers she called “Forsythia” that were blooming.  We had to stop (in the middle of my walk!) to take a picture of them.  Puleeeezee!

Mom says Forsythia bloom in the Spring time in Mars, and it is almost Winter here, so this is very unusual.

Forsythia in November


We usually walk about two or three miles at Lunch time, and I try very hard to walk “nice” and not pull.  When I do, Mom yells, “Easy,” and I have to tow the line.

But… when we get back to my free space however…

that wonderful space that Mom refers to as “Charlie’s Yard”…

she takes the leash off, and I get to “zoom!”

Zoom Zoom Zoom!

Aren’t the zoomies the best?!

Zoomies are the reward for walking nice and “easy!” It is a chance to run like the wind – round and round – until I can run no more.

Then…. I go in the house (Mom says this is “home”).

I get a big drink of water…. and I am a happy boy… and I wait….

for the next best time of day…..


Woofs & Wags,

61 thoughts on “Lunch Time with Charlie

  1. How lucky you are Charlie to get to have 2 meals a day and a walk at lunch! My dog, Bria, enjoys going to the dog park but we haven’t been there in a long time. And, she gets one meal a day and that is usually around lunch-time. Of course she gets a treat later in the day. The funny thing about Bria is that most of the time she won’t eat her lunch unless I am eating too. I think if you ever met my Bria, you would be in love. ❤ ❤ It's always nice hearing from you Charlie!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oh Ms PJ and Bria – I am not nearly as fussy! I don’t need anyone to eat with me – and besides – it only takes about 45 seconds for me to finish. LOL! Dog Park sounds FUNNNN!!! I’m going to ask Mom about that! ❤ Charlie

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    • I am so glad you think cars on the road are stupid too Ms Jasmine! And besides – even worse than them driving by when I am walking is when Mom or Dad take me in one of those awful things – I get very “sea sick” and almost always throw up! 🙂 YUK! Stupid cards! ❤ Charlie


  2. Lucky you, Charlie! We love our walks too! Even though now it’s dark during the week when we go out. Mom & Dad let us stop & sniff pretty much everything & we have our favorite spots. We even run stairs with Mom, and get to run again in the athletic field near our house. Best time of the day…well not to forget breakfast & dinner! Yum! Wags back, Sammy & Charley

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  3. Hi Charlie. Wow that sucks that you only get two meals, but I think that’s how it is with most dogs, so you’re not the only one. And I could be wrong but I bet you Mom gives you a treat or two in-between there, maybe a nice table scrap? You have the best Mom to take you on such nice long walks and seem like you’re well trained.If you ever want to visit Canada come see me and we’ll go down to the parks by my house, there are these cool trails there where you can run around without a leash on a walk.
    Give my best to your Mom.

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    • Oh Ms Mandi! I would love to visit Canada! But I’m guessing it is a very long walk – eh? I just get sick in cars and throw up! Darn! But if you ever come to Mars – please come visit me! We can go for a walk together! Thanks for being my friend! ❤ Charlie

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  4. Haha! We have the same running joke with Phineas about lunch. He doesn’t get to eat it and think we’re pigs for stuffing our faces 😊lol Though he did get lunch once when he had rather inconsistent issues in the poop department and his doctor prescribed it. Not worth it to get lunch though, Charlie!! Trust me on this! 😉


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      • Thank you, Jodi. I’ve written a book but never tried to have it published. My family ways bugs me to do something with that or to write something else. But I write for fun and for me. I always wanted to write a book and it took me a few years doing it at night and I enjoyed it. I’m afraid if I start getting into the business side of it, (editors, publishers, agents), etc, it won’t be as much fun. I’d lime to do some children’s books for my grandchildren so I’m considering self publishing but I have to look into it. Going the traditional route seems a little overwhelming might take the fun out of it for me. But that’s just me..:)

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