Charlie’s Snow Day

Charlie Snow 0116

I finally got Mom out of the house yesterday at lunch time to take a walk and play in the snow!

It has been so cold here, she doesn’t even want to take walks!

And when she does – oh brother – what a production!  All the layers she puts on!

I just pace around her waiting impatiently as she layers on thermal long johns, socks, hooded sweatshirt, coat, gloves, shoes.  Let’s get this show on the road!

Then she makes me wear this hand-me-down Sherpa coat from Mikey.  It fits quite well, but I try to shake it off about every 20 steps.  I usually get distracted however.  There are so many good things outside to see, smell, hear, eat…. friends to visit – people, dogs, cats – along the way.

And now there is this new stuff…. SNOW!

Oh how fun is snow?!

It is white and bright and cold and fluffy and I can make tracks in it and run and make it spray, and there are smells buried under it, and sometimes it is even fun to slide when there is ice under it.

What a blast!

Do you have snow?  We just have about two inches as of yesterday.  Just the right amount to frolic in!  (and sticks taste extra delicious cold and icy and are really fun to fetch!)

Wishing you a Happy Snow Day or whatever kind of day you are having!  As Mom would say…. “Cherish the Moments!”  I sure am!

Woofs and Wags,


58 thoughts on “Charlie’s Snow Day

  1. Snow is fun, isn’t it Charlie! And so pretty! You should come visit us, we are supposed to get anywhere from 16 inches to 2 feet now! You may get buried in that much! Have fun and keep your Mom warm by having her run in the snow after you 🙂 for yes it is very cold!

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  2. From Ranger: I love playing in the snow too, but in our neck of the woods (western Washington) we only got a bit at Christmas and gone same day. Wish I could come play with you. My mom’s the same way, layers of clothes, shoes and a hat before we can take our walk….human’s.

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    • I’ll wish for some snow for you Ranger! It is soooooo fun! Then it will be up to you to drag your Mom out! 🙂 We do have our ways of making them feel guilty – eh? ! ❤ charlie


  3. Love the photo! You look like you are in dog heaven! I am sure you are having a blast making your mom go through all that just to take you on a walk but I’m sure it was worth it to her because you are such an adorable little guy! Enjoy that snow and don’t pee on the snowmen. 😀

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  4. Oh Charlie, you look so happy playing in the snow that I ALMOST miss living in the north! Chase misses playing in the snow, but he’s adjusted to playing in the sand and waves quite well.

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    • Oh Ms Kelly – I would love to dig and play in the sand! Chase is so lucky! I will just have to do all the snow playing for the both of you! My mom says hi to her MsSis! ❤ charlie


  5. Sounds like you’re having fun Charlie! Maybe I should send my little Scruffy over to play with you – he loves snow too! But he’s so small that he gets lost in the snow! And NJ is supposed to get 12-18″ tonight! Wow!!! Have fun in the snow! 🙂

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  6. Enjoy the snow, Charlie! It’s so very fun for dogs to play in. As for Mom, you’ll just have to keep being patient with her while she bundles up. People just weren’t lucky enough to be born with fur coats, the way you were. And I think it’s a good idea to keep that extra coat on, too. It will keep you extra warm so you can play out in the snow even longer!

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