Conneaut Lake Snowy Sunrise

conneat lake snowy sunrise watercolor

My sweet buddy, Oh Rob, recently posted a beautiful photo of his morning view waking up at Conneaut Lake, PA on his Facebook page.  It really drew me in, as it is one of my favorite places to be, mostly because it is with him and his sweet wife Joyce who are very dear to us.

I tried painting it in watercolor.  Need to loosen up more.  But I had fun thinking of them and this beautiful place on earth.  There have been so many beautiful pink skies this winter.  Am I just noticing it more, or is there more than usual?

conneat lake snowy sunrise photo

Wishing you beautiful sunrises.

Cheers & Hugs,


84 thoughts on “Conneaut Lake Snowy Sunrise

  1. Wow, Jodi!! This is beautiful!! I think your practice is really paying off! Love this painting! Can’t wait to show Hub. I hope you’re becoming more satisfied with your lovely landscapes!! Love your sky, especially, and the shadows in the snow……it’s so peaceful and makes the snow beautiful. Love it, way to go!! 💛💛💛💛💛🌞🌞🌞🌞🌞🌞🌞

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      • Thank you! And you could never offend me!! The fact that you take time to visit and comment is wonderful as it is. But seriously no one’s guess would ever offend. I’m so glad you guessed. You’re always the first correct guesser! Yippeeee Jodiiiiiii!!! 💛💛💛👏👍😘

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  2. Very lovely, Jodi ~ you saw the potential in the photo and enhanced it with your rendering. Maybe add a little more variation to the low bushes – not to late to make a few a little larger (it doesn’t have to be exactly like the photo) if you want to “loosen it up” a bit. Love your treatment of this – the sky, the color, the shadows. Stay warm.

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    • Awh! Thanks Cathe! I don’t think I ever remembered the sky being so pink before. Is it just because I look at things differently now having hobbies of photography and painting?! 🙂


  3. Love your colors! 💖💕 This is really good, Jodi! I remember a watercolor class I took one time and we were painting snow. I got my shadows a little too purple and the instructor laughed at my painting and said it looked like a party. So I softened the colors and he liked my painting but I didn’t see it as he did so I wasn’t as happy with my results. My point to my story is paint for you. Painting is not about perfection in my opinion. It is learning to share your interpretation of what YOU see! And that makes it so enjoyable! I like this painting because YOU did it! Enjoy the journey, my friend! 😍👍🎨🌈

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      • Yes, I do think that it does take practice to get to a point where you like your paintings more than you dislike them. I just love your spontaneity in your paintings. And I think you have an artistic eye for seeing things that most people do not have. I hope I didn’t come across as negative as this was not my intention. 💖💕👍🎨

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  4. wow Jodi! great sky and reflections! very tricky to do sunsets w/o mud, it is beautifully done!! it is so hard to do as you have to …wait… til it dries before you put the other things on! what Patience 🙂
    snow is a challenge, and you made it look wonderful! YAY smiling and happy for you! cheers, Debi

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  5. You’re right about the pink skies! Last Tuesday, we had the most beautiful sunset here in Altanta – the clouds were a vivid pink against a deep blue sky. It was breathtaking. I wish I’d taken a picture of it – you could have painted it and made it twice as breathtaking!

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  6. I think it’s great Jodi! Watercolours are hard to use.. I know it’s the first thing they put you in hand at school but I guess that’s merely because it’s easy to wash off lol I used oil colours a lot at secondary school and I found watercolours much harder to experiment with. You’re doing awesomely 😀 The picture of the pear is so simple yet it really struck me.. I’d frame it!! x

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