icy branches

Your outstretched branches reach far and wide
as you bear the harsh, cold winds
and weight of frozen snow.

You wait,
and you withstand the torture.

when the breezes become gentle again
and the sun shines bright and warm,

you peek out
with little buds

that become leaves
and bear fruit and flowers.
You provide beauty and nourishment and shelter.

And when you can take no more,
you let go.

You drop your leaves,
and you welcome the chill.
And the cycle of seasonsΒ starts over again.

36 thoughts on “Seasons

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  2. She is so Lovely, The Tree. Now poetry , that is where I find myself so often, thinking in prose like this. Thank you for sharing your inspiration of the Seasons, So very ❀️ Heart- Warming Jodi !!…night, from me joanne …. THE SNOWFALL WAS very heavy on the trees ‘ this week!’ …. ” tree Hug !! …..

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