squires castle

Squire’s Castle, North Chagrin Reservation, Willoughby Hills, OH

Some build castles
of stone and mortar
and brick and clay
on top of hills
overlooking fields and valleys and streams.

They want to tell the world
they are rich and powerful
and should be looked up to
and should be seen
and should be honored and admired and revered.

But the very best castles
are the ones that are built
with love and compassion
with respect and dignity
with humbleness and grace.

They are built in the fields and the valleys and streams.
The everyday experiences of life.

They are life.

They are the good life.

The life well lived.
The life well loved.
The best castle of all.

Cheers & Hugs,

The above pictured castle was one I visited this past weekend with a few “princesses” that I love. Β Thanks for showing me the true meaning of castles… of life… of friendship… of love…. Pam, Anna, Β and Joan… ❀

Learn more about Squire’s Castle here.

33 thoughts on “Castles

  1. Your “castle” —-filled with love and open to all. No drawbridges just open arms that says to all,
    “C’mon in and sit awhile”. Good food, a bottle of wine and love awaits all.

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