34 Years Ago…


34 years ago
on April 3, 1982,
a 19 year-old girl
said “I do”
to a 23 year-old boy.

They didn’t know
how quickly time would fly
creating a life together
experiencing love together
raising a family together
growing old together.

Today, a 53 year-old girl smiles
at a 57 year-old boy
whose eyes still twinkle
when she gives him a winkle.

One of aging’s most precious gifts
is our eyes growing bleary
causing us to look with our hearts
at those we love
and see the beauty
that radiates from within.

We don’t see the wrinkles.
We just see the twinkles
that can only be viewed
from the experience
of a lifelong love.

Cheers & Hugs,


129 thoughts on “34 Years Ago…

  1. Congratulations on 34 years together. Time flies doesn’t it. I can’t believe that my husband and I have been together 40 years. I like the line ‘we don’t see the wrinkles, we just see the twinkles’. How true!

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