Life’s Curve Balls

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Life’s Curve Balls

They often sneak up or crash in on us,
and they can try to trick us up.

but if we know how to respond,
and if we ready ourselves for them…

they can result in home runs!

Embrace life’s curve balls.


Father’s Day makes me think of the curve balls life can throw us,
but it also reminds me of how special life can be
if we take that swing – in a leap of faith – and give it our all.

Happy Father’s Day Dad – What a Difference You’ve Made in My Life! ❤

Cheers & Hugs,

58 thoughts on “Life’s Curve Balls

  1. what else could we do but handle the ball. If I take it from the goal keeper’s side of Soccer I would say it doesnt matter how, but you must control the ball. It usually is a curved ball these days. Either embrace it or kick it far off, repel it, which is often better…

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  2. So beautifully written…just what I needed to read while feeling a little blue today! 😦
    Not having my Dad with us and our sons living away…it kinda creeps up on you on these special days when your parents are no longer with you…no matter what age you are!
    Have a beautiful day my friend with your family…
    Char ❤

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    • Oh Char! Sorry you are feeling a little blue! 😦 I know there are days when I so long to have my Grandma here with me or my sweet father-in-law or so many others we have lost that we are reminded of on special days. We have to just try to remember the good times and focus on who we have now to love. You have a wonderful husband and sons you do get to enjoy – even though they are not there today. I hope you enjoyed the sunshine and found moments to cherish! Sending hugs and love from Mars xo


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  4. Thank you so much for including the link to the post about reuniting with your birth father! It was so touching, honest and inspiring…especially for others who may be in the same situation, trying to find the courage to reach out to the person who is missing from their lives. And now you have an extra special reason to celebrate Father’s Day! (You most certainly did make the most of the curve ball life threw at you all those years ago!) Thanks again for sharing this…

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