Funsy Onesies


Book My Reservation – I’m Going to Grandma’s Onsie

Does any baby ever have enough onesies?

And why not make them funsies?!

For a fun little shower gift, I made these two little funsy onesies
for our soon-to-arrive baby girl.

Can you tell we are very excited to be grandparents?!


Pap Pap’s Perfect Princess Onsie

Just a little fabric paint, time and creativity, with a heaping scoop of love.

Cheers & Hugs,

40 thoughts on “Funsy Onesies

  1. So cute. I too am awaiting the arrival of a new grand son. He is due Nov 1, I have been buying onesies like crazy. Even though it isn’t my first grand baby, I am so excited for my 14th grandbaby. it never changes… grandma’s love their babies!!! I will be trying to make some when I get to my kids house in Virginia. Thanks for sharing.

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