Loose Happy Yellow Flowers in Watercolor


Loose Yellow Sunflowers in Vase-watercolor-11×14-300-lb-arches

Our January weather has been so unseasonable.

PRO:  Above normal temperatures – one day this week was one degree away from the warmest day on record with temperatures in the 60s!

CON:  Instead of bright, white snow, we are having rain and grey cloudy days.

SOLUTION:  Paint loose happy yellow sunflowers!

Cheers & Hugs,

PS:  This original painting, prints, and greeting cards of this are all available at our McKinneyX2Designs ETSY shop!

61 thoughts on “Loose Happy Yellow Flowers in Watercolor

  1. Jodi…..I absolutely love this painting…..I will do tell you in an outline form because I can’t just walk away without telling you what I adore about this painting!

    1. the design is balanced and with an odd number, always interesting and one is not in detail and “looking” away…love that!
    2. You have just the right amount of white to give sparkle in all the right places!
    3. Your color choices are “boom” out of this world crazy, makes me want to grab it and run. I especially love the grayed down purple how it mixes with all the colors. The colors on the sunflowers are perfect! That green in the leaves are to die for (or live for). Okay, enough about color
    3. I adore how you handled the center of your flowers. Do you realize that you did make one more detailed but allowed the next one to be not so much and then of course you have your third taking up the back for support.
    4. Your leaves are crazy good…..I love how you give the leaves life and rhythm in your placement and the right amount of white showing. Now the best part aside from the color and handling is that area on the bottom right where it slowly melds and is pulled into the vase! Love that spot!
    5. Your vase and flowers are one design unit….I love that fact that you didn’t try giving it volume, you went beyond that and gave it a design presence.

    Okay….I am done for now…..my heart went pitter patter when I first looked at it and then I wanted to study it. When I do that, I know I am looking at truly good art!!! Blessings my friend. Don’t get discouraged about your art and where or what, do what you love and do it from the heart, it will carried you through! ❤

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    • Oh Margaret! WOW! I had no idea. I think I just got lucky – LOL! You totally made my day! You are the sweetest ever to take so much time and point out all of these things you noticed that I’m not even sure I realized. I cannot thank you enough for your kindness and encouragement!!!!! ❤ ❤ ❤

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      • My pleasure, dear friend. I have this theory that out of a unrestrained and open artist, flows forth their true selves. You let go with this and allowed that magic and who you are to flow. It is hard to tap into that. Maybe you think that you got lucky but you were lucky that you allowed that inner self to flow outwards this time around. It is there just waiting and jumping for the chance to come shining through 🙂

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  2. Beautiful Jodi. You’re a talented watercolour artist. Did you ever paint when you were younger or take art classes, before putting your paints on here and on etsy?

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      • You are amazing wow! If you’ve ever time when you’re retired, definitely something to pursue if you wish. I think you’d put the class to shame. Very much liked your painting in today’s blog too! Have a great weekend Jodi.

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      • Thanks you Amanda! That is very sweet of you. sometime I get lucky – sometimes not so much – and sometimes something I love – is not what others do – the fun and complexity of art 🙂

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