Parrot of Blue Part Deux

Blue Parrot Watercolor 11x13 140lb Saunders Waterford Cold Press

Blue Parrot Watercolor 11×13 140lb Saunders Waterford Cold Press

Parrot of Blue Part Deux.

Does this guy look familiar?

You may recall him as the handsome guy who posed for me at the National Aviary on our recent visit this past weekend.

He was just too irresistible for me not to have some fun with.

And I happened to finally hit it right and remember this month that it is our “official unofficial” Draw a Bird Day – which a group of bloggers celebrates every month on the 8th.

Seems it is a bit of a bird week for me this week at thecreativelifeinbetween.

This cutie is going with us to the Lake Latonka Fall Festival tomorrow, where he’ll be for sale as an original, prints or cards, along with loads of others you’ve seen here and that are in our McKinneyX2Designs ETSY Shop, as well as a wide variety of fall, holiday, kitchen, and farmhouse-design signs created by my daughter-in-law Colleen from reclaimed pallet wood.  My son, Jake, even got in on the action with some amazing artwork too that will knock your socks off!  He also built us a landing page website (, where you can access our ETSY shop, Facebook page, and Instagram.

If you are anywhere near Mercer, PA tomorrow, come find us at the McKinneyX2Designs booth outside the red barn.  We are having a drawing for a gift card to our ETSY shop and are doing some “show specials!” We’ll be there from 9am – 4pm.  Hoping for good weather and fun times!

Cheers & Hugs,

PS  This Parrot of Blue Part Deux Watercolor was done with Daniel Smith Cerulean and Prussian Blues, Cadmium Yellow and Orange, and M. Graham’s Neutral Tint, as well as a bit of Dr. ph Martin’s Bleedproof White.


41 thoughts on “Parrot of Blue Part Deux

  1. Jodi, You and your whole family are so talented ! I love the recent water color addition to your collection. For some reason when you had photos of all those birds from the museum in your post the other day, he first thing that came to mind was that Jodi is going to do some creative water-coloring on them and sure enough I was right ! I wish you all the success this weekend at the festival. I know your work will be a real hit and people will be flocking (pardon the phrase…given your new painting!) to your booth ! Can’t wait to hear how thing went. Gary

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  2. Benjamin is in love with your parrot, of course he wants to know “where is the story?” I told him, maybe later and he is mollified for now. “Blue” is a beautiful bird, that is what Benjamin decided to call him. This Fall Festival sounds fantastic, quite a long list of vendors too. Hope the weather is perfect, the customers have big wallets and you have a fantabulous day!

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  3. Oh, I forgot it was draw a bird day!! 😮 LOVE, LOVE your parrot!! 💙💙💙 Good thing I don’t live close as I would be spending all my money at your booth!! Hehe! 🤣😊 Have a FUNtastic day!! 🎨👍

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  4. Bit of a long haul for tomorrow but I am certainly planning to come and see your work in situ (and take you up on a visit to the live bird) when I’m back whenever it may be. I’d recognise that beautiful boy anywhere!

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  5. Jodi, your blue parrot looks like quite a flirty bird! The eye looks so real with the reflective quality. Beautiful Blue brings bliss. (Instead of the bluebird of happiness! 🙂 I’m corny.)
    I have only painted one pair of cardinals for my Mom. I framed them for her #85 birthday a few years back. They were a “young couple” with fall leaves in watercolors. I’m not sure my tags would get you to the post but maybe I will see if I can reblog it next month. 🐦

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