All in One Day

All in One Day.

All in one day
from sunrise to sunset.

Invigoration on a cool, brisk early morning walk
chatting with a friend and accompanied by a faithful, furry companion.

Fulfillment baking a batch of pumpkin spice and chocolate chip cookies
to stash away and pull out to share with guests or to surprise a weary delivery person.

Accomplishment in completing important, but mundane household chores
like sweeping and washing and drying and folding.

Replenishment of soul and spirit by taking a short break to
relax in the unexpected warmth of the Autumn sunshine.

Memories brought back of people and circumstances from long ago
while traveling on roads that always take me back to that place and time.

Celebration of hard work and commitment at an appreciation event
for co-workers and friends and their families at the local zoo.

Giddiness choosing gifts that will teach and will comfort
and will bring joy to a cherished grandchild.

Comfort and love sharing it all with the one who knows me best
and still loves me anyway.

Reflection and a glass of wine to consider
the goodness and the blessings…. all in one day.

Cheers & Hugs,

36 thoughts on “All in One Day

  1. Oh, how rewarding and fulfilling this day passed by, Jodi.
    I smiled quietly and cherished your replenishment moments in the sunshine. . .
    I could relate to volunteer work.
    The act of finding gifts for beloved grandbaby of joy, learning and comfort are part of my blessed life, too. 💞 I came by on Monday, but really enjoyed the Sunday “recap.”

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