6 thoughts on “What an honor to be featured so sweetly on Liz’s blog all the way in New Zealand at Exploring Colour! Hope you’ll check out her beautiful blog.

  1. This is stupendous…a new word that Benjamin loves! I must add that it is a well deserved honor too! Congratulations from Benjamin and Gem! I found her fantabulous post by clicking on the symbol by her comment. I often find new places to explore that way and this is a keeper! Thank-you!

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    • A little P.S.- I went to the blog by clicking on exploringcolour next to the symbol, not on the symbol. How awesome to know that you have traveled to New Zealand from Mars!

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      • The internet surely makes the world so much smaller! I went to the post office today with a little envelope that is heading to New Zealand and another one heading to Latvia. Wow – how cool huh?!


    • LOL! What a great word Benjamin! It was a stupendous honor for me to have Liz take the time and effort to put this touching post together. It was a stupendous gift I will always remember and appreciate so much! Kind of like your sweet comments my Benjamin! ❤


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