More or Less – A Mantra for 2019

More or Less – A Mantra for 2019.

DREAM more – Worry less.
GIVE more – Take less.
Be BRAVE more – Fearful less.
Be HAPPY with who I am more – Envy others less.
MOVE more – Sit less.
Be CONFIDENT more – Insecure less.

Be Me!
More or Less.

Happy New Year!

Cheers & Hugs,


77 thoughts on “More or Less – A Mantra for 2019

  1. Welcome back! My inbox requests more of you, not less! A fantabulous mantra for the new year, but I must add two more for myself…Listen more, Talk less and Exercise more, Eat less. Happy New Year! Thank-you!

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  2. Love this. I don’t usually set New Years Resolutions any more. I have only One. Paint 1 painting a day or its equivent. Each one a lesson from a book or Utube. I’m hoping I can keep this one.
    You are so good with words & dicipline, I’ve already seen your bravery & for all you give, I can only imagine you could only take less, if possible, but I doubt you take much in the first place. All….. lead to a balance in life & you certainly live life to the fullest! Beautiful resolution & perfectly said. Blessing for a Great Year. &. Thank you for all GIVE.

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    • Oh good for you Dena to do a painting a day. I haven’t painted for a few weeks. Holidaying has been busy. Looking forward to finding – or shall I say – MAKING the time for it soon!

      You are much too kind and give me way more credit than I deserve. I will keep trying to be the best me I can be.

      Hugs from Mars dear friend!!

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