Lessons from a Squirrel

Early Morning Squirrel on the Back Deck Feeder, Mars, PA – January, 2019

Lessons from a Squirrel.

It pays to be nimble.

You can get what you want if you just stretch
your body and mind a little more than you think you can.

The early bird may get the worm,
but the early squirrel gets the birdseed.

Cheers & Warm Winter Hugs,


25 thoughts on “Lessons from a Squirrel

  1. We must have similiar squirrels had 2 in my backyard the other day & because their tails are larger than they are, I thought we had four! I laughed at myself when I realized there were only 2. We have 2 different squirrels this big fluffy tailed one, who scampers all over the forest trees & appear to fly. And some smaller ones that are about the size of our wild rabbits.. Love your thoughts on the nibleness & stretching. Those little guys are clever, mischievious, & busy, busy hecklars & look out for flying pinecones & sead pods, because they toss them to the ground ( to get them to break) & they aim at the picnic tables & asphalt road. Thanks for the lovely photo & your insights.

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  2. We can all learn a lot from squirrels! They never give up, and they are willing to go to almost any length to get what they need. I was once sick in bed, and my attention was caught by a squirrel busy “working” in the tree outside my window. I have to say, I got tired just watching how much energy he burned!

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