This Past Week

This past week…

I gasped at the beauty of the early morning sunrise.

I cried about a brother who would never celebrate another birthday.

I shared overwhelming joy with a friend who became a grandma for the first time.

I shared deep grief with a friend whose mom is dying.

I celebrated life with the birthday of my longest, dearest friend.

I worried with a friend whose mother-in-law was in the hospital.

I laughed with a friend I chat with every morning on our way to work.

I discussed deep, important topics about relationships and next stages of life with people I love.

I played on the floor with two little girls who know me as Grandma and cheered first potty successes.

I was devastated to learn that friends got news they are going to lose their second child.

My heart was warmed by gratitude and comforted with love for my forever Valentine of 40 years.

This past week.

Cheers & Hugs,

57 thoughts on “This Past Week

    • Yes Lenore! Yes! I am so blessed and fortunate to have so many wonderful people to love and who love me – through ups and downs – on this road of life we travel! ❤


  1. Oh precious friend! What a week of lending your sweet spirit to others and of dealing with some painful things!! And you managed to turn it into a beautiful post with your words and stunning photograph! Hugs and love! ❤ ❤

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  2. That was a LOT of life and living going on, for you and those you mentioned. I’m glad that each one of them have YOU to feel for them, to care for them, to laugh and cry with them, Jodi. I think you’re an amazing woman and I always appreciate you sharing your heart and life with us! 🙂 XO

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  3. Beautiful post Jodi. Life has so many moments of joy, sadness, loving memories of things that occurred in our past and gratitude for many things we are are experiencing in the present, with great anticipation of things unknown as yet that will occur in our future. That’s what life is all about and makes us whole as human beings.

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  4. Life is always a mix of highs and lows, but the week you have just lived through sounds emotionally exhausting! I imagine it was hard to process it all at once….. Take care, my friend. And hugs those precious grandchildren even tighter.

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