Above All this Bustle

Above All this Bustle.

It’s early Friday morning,
and I have a day off work.

I woke up early just to soak in
some extra hours.

I could be (should be?)….
– wrapping
– baking
– shopping
– cleaning….

The list could surely go on.

But instead…
I turned on the lights of the tree,
poured a cup of coffee,
sat down and caught myself singing Silver Bells.

Remember to be kind to yourself.
Be good to you and to others.
It’s not about all the bustle.

If you sit quietly….
If you put your heart in the right place…

Above all this bustle – you’ll hear…
Silver Bells.


Cheers & Hugs,

29 thoughts on “Above All this Bustle

  1. Sweet decorations. Your grandbabies are just old enough to make Christmas joyfully exciting & magical again. So happy for you, & you do take on so many things spreading yourself thin. How you managed a day off? Rare! & to enjoy some of that time recharching & enjoying your own creativity & finding the magic that is one of many that make Christmas special to you (silver bells). Thanks for Sharing. Best wish to you & family only 10 days left.

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  2. Excellent advice, Jodi! Those special Christmas moments never come when we’re bustling…they always come when we’re being still, and just soaking in the spirit of the season. I’m so glad you had the sense to start your day off this way….Merry Christmas to you and yours!

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