The Rusty Old Bridge

Rusty old bridge

The Rusty Old Bridge

Your shiny metal has weathered to shades of orange and brown
like skin that has worked and played and laughed in the sun.

Your concrete pillars are beginning to crack under pressure
like wrinkles of worry from the stress of supporting such a heavy load.

You connected two sides – one with the other
as if you had open and outstretched arms.

And now,
though your original purpose is abandoned,

you still serve,
but in subtler ways.

a shady spot for respite from the heat
or a lazy day of fishing.

It’s time to rest Rusty Old Bridge.
You’ve earned this time.

Enjoy it
while I admire you.

Cheers & Hugs,

It’s a Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

Mr Rogers Neighborhood

“Imagine what our real neighborhoods would  be like
if each of us offered,
as a matter of course,
just one kind word
to another person.”
-Mr. Rogers

Over the holidays, Hubby and I made a visit to our local Pittsburgh Smithsonian-affiliate museum – the Heinz History Center.

One of the highlights for me was the special exhibit of Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood – one of my favorite childhood television shows.

Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood was filmed in Pittsburgh for three decades from 1968 – 2001.   The compassion, patience, morality, and advocacy for important public causes Fred Rogers taught is embedded in my heart and soul.

As I viewed the exhibit,
reminisced about the home of X the Owl and Henrietta Pussycat,
gazed at the castle of King Friday XIII, Queen Sara Saturday, and Prince Tuesday,
and was transported by Trolley to the Neighborhood of Make-Believe,

I dreamed of a World neighborhood where kind words were spoken…..
and love was shared….
and this song stayed in my head…..

“It’s You I like.
It’s not the things you wear.
It’s not the way you do your hair.
But it’s You I like,
the way you are right now,
the way down deep inside you.
Not the things that hide you…
Its You
I like.”

Can’t we all get along?
Can’t we all accept each other?

Thank you Mr. Rogers.
Your wisdom transcends time, age, color, race, gender, identity, religion, ethnicity.

It’s You

Cheers & Hugs

Seasons of Change

wilting sunflower

Fading sunflower at daybreak – Conneaut Lake, PA

Night fades to day –
the moon retreats as the bright sun rises.

Summer beckons Autumn’s reprieve –
when green becomes yellow or orange or red.

Flowers shrivel and wilt –
creating seeds of new life before they fade.

People wrinkle and shrink and age –
transforming the definition of authentic beauty.

Eyes blur and squint and fade –
erasing the wrinkles but not the sweet memories.

Seasons of renewal,
Seasons of hope,
Seasons of growth,
Seasons of age –

All of these seasons
are seasons of change.

Cheers & Hugs,