Seasons of Change

wilting sunflower

Fading sunflower at daybreak – Conneaut Lake, PA

Night fades to day –
the moon retreats as the bright sun rises.

Summer beckons Autumn’s reprieve –
when green becomes yellow or orange or red.

Flowers shrivel and wilt –
creating seeds of new life before they fade.

People wrinkle and shrink and age –
transforming the definition of authentic beauty.

Eyes blur and squint and fade –
erasing the wrinkles but not the sweet memories.

Seasons of renewal,
Seasons of hope,
Seasons of growth,
Seasons of age –

All of these seasons
are seasons of change.

Cheers & Hugs,

40 thoughts on “Seasons of Change

  1. You are SO creative, Jodi. From baking to photography, poetry to card-making, painting to doodling… What a creative soul you have, and you are a master of all these forms. I’m sure time and age has improved you – like a fine wine!

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    • This might be the sweetest comment and compliment ever, Marguerite! You are so kind. This blog is my space to explore and discover that creativity, and you have so made my day. Thank you!


    • I was feeling very soulful and poetic last night. I was looking through some recent photos and seeing what spoke to me. There are many photos of bright, vibrant flowers – which I LOVE – but there is beauty in the wilted and fading too – and what it represents – and what it spoke to me last night. Thank you for reading and appreciating, Laura!

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      • You’re quite welcome, and I’m glad you explained, because I was thinking of emailing you and making sure all was well. From a comment you made yesterday, seemed you had a tough day, then saw this post…. I’m glad all is well and you’re finding beauty in the changes. I really love that. Thanks for sharing your heart with us. ((((((Jodi)))))) (PS: I’ve not had a chance to respond to my comments yet today, but I am so grateful for the comment you made on my quilt today. It made my morning! Who needs the sun when we have Jodi?! Thank you!)

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