A DIY Rainbow Clock

A DIY Rainbow Clock.

My BFF Jill is an “all the colors of the rainbow” kinda gal.

She loves color – bright, bold colors.

So when I came across this idea on Pinterest for a colorful clock made out of a wooden plant stand, I knew this was the gift for her birthday this year.

I found this approximately 12″ diameter circular plant stand on line at Ikea for under $10!  It came with wheels that could be attached so that you can use outdoors and move your plants around I suppose, but I just tucked the wheels away to save for some other use some day.

I simply divided the circle into 10 pie shapes from the center with a pencil and ruler and painted them with bright beautiful colors of indoor/outdoor grade acrylic paint I found at Walmart (Waverly Super-Premium Plaid).

I hit the whole thing with a spray of Krylon UV Resistant Clear Spray after the several layers of paint dried.

Then hubby came to the rescue to cut out a piece in the back and drill a hole in the center to add the battery-operated clock works.

And Voila!  A fun rainbow bright colorful indoor-outdoor clock!  It’s TIME to celebrate YOU Jill!  Where has the TIME gone?  I love our TIME together!

Cheers & Hugs,







sun dial and hydrangeas, conneaut lake, pa, october 2016


Can fly or crawl,
is free yet priceless,
is forever or an instant,
can be treasured or wasted.

Can be measured by clocks or by moments,
can be traveled in dreams or books,
can be stopped by a kiss or a look or a touch,
can be managed, but never recovered.

We all have the same
seconds in a minute,
minutes in an hour,
hours in a day.

But none of us know
how many days
or hours or seconds
we will have.

Cherish the moments
not measured by clocks
or sundials or calendars
or schedules.

Cherish the moments well spent
with people you love,
or with yourself,
doing the things you love.

Cherish all the moments…
every single moment…
at life…
in between.

Cheers & Hugs,

What to do with an EXTRA Hour?

I don’t know about you?  But I’m all screwed up….

In our part of the world, we switched time.


Yep – just like that, we are supposed to change the clocks – Fall Back, Spring Ahead – Daylight Savings Time – on – off – and just adjust….

But the challenging part is – the older I get – the harder it is to adjust to the time change.

For days weeks, I will say, but it is really XX time, even thought it is XX time.  SERIOUSLY!  Can an hour really do this to a brain?


But I digress…

The topic of this blog was supposed to be what can we do with that extra hour….

and…. it was supposed to be posted on Sunday – the day we got that extra hour.

But – hey – whatever – I had other stories to tell and recipes to share, and I’m just getting to this….

(I have a card I am DYING to share, but holding off until tomorrow because I am worried you will grow weary of my silly cards – even though I am super-excited to share this one (for the Paper Players Vintage challenge 🙂  )

Sunday gave us an extra hour.


What did you do with it?


I stacked firewood.  And I’m proud to tell it.

Very exciting -right??!!

Well – it was a beautiful day – and who knows what I was doing?…  Oh I remember – cleaning off the porches/deck for the upcoming winter season 😦 …

Marty and Nick were cutting and chopping and stacking firewood so that we can keep warm, wonderful fires burning all winter long in the fireplace to keep us toasty.  (As I wear t-shirts through this lovely menopausal period of life!)


I decided to help.  I heaved and hoed and bent and snapped —  anybody get the reference here??!! 🙂  — and tossed and stacked like the best of them.

And it felt good!    Then….

Legs are a bit sore two days later.   WIMP!

But I helped (for a change) my guys with the “physical” work that gets done around here; and it felt good, and it was nice to be a part of it.

What did you do with your extra hour?  What would you do if you had one?

I spent it with a couple guys I so greatly appreciate and love even more!

Thanks for all the hard work you do to keep our home warm and comfortable and cozy, my dear Merv and my sweet Nick!


Cheers & Warm, Toasty Hugs,
(while I turn up the ceiling fan!)