Fireplace Makeover

Fireplace Makeover.

Hubby and I built our current home about 17 years ago.  It is the second home we’ve built, and it is the tenth place I’ve called home.

Growing up, I lived in six different homes.  Since being married, this is our fourth home.

So 17 years is a long time in one home for me.  The longest I’ve ever lived in one actually!

We’ve redone and updated things along the way, but one of the things I haven’t done much with in a long time is our fireplace.  It was in need of a makeover.

Our fireplace is a bit of a focal point in our home.  It is 9 1/2 feet tall and 6 1/2 feet wide.  It is one of the first things you see when you walk in the front door.

We burn fires in our fireplace every night from the first nip of Fall to the first warmth of Spring.  It is a place where friends and family enjoying sitting.   Being raised about 18 inches from the floor, it makes a great warm seat for a few people when a crowd is gathered.

I’ve been following a few home decor instagrammers and loving the clean look of white, so when my oldest DIL recently asked if I wanted to go to Hobby Lobby with her and my grandie girls, besides screaming, “YES YES YES” to a field trip to my favorite store with some of my favorite peeps, I knew just what I wanted to look for – home decor pieces for the fireplace makeover.

I found some pieces I really love – including this little white chipped mirror, artichoke on a pedestal, bird, cotton stems in a clear jar, and metal and wood arched window piece.

I love this new natural cotton wreath, which I placed over the only old thing I left from previous decor – an old chipped metal tile I snagged a while back at another of my favorite field trip shopping destinations – Construction Junction – a warehouse full of used and surplus building materials.  Some fun candlestick holders, another bird and a super cute bird cage that I filled with natural and white spheres in a variety of shapes and sizes finish up the mantel decor.

A serious statement piece now sits on the hearth in this awesome 3 foot tall vase filled with puffy white pussy willow stems.

I had so much fun choosing some new pieces  (especially since there was a 50% off home decor sale), and am really enjoying this cozy new creative space in our home.

As I type this, a warm fire is crackling, the snow outside is fluttering down.  Hubby has his nose in a book and one eye on the television from his cozy chair.  Our bellies are full from a Sunday supper served early – a lemon garlic pork tenderloin, roasted herbed spaghetti squash, and a beet salad.

I’m cherishing the moments – simple and satisfying – from my little space in the world I call home.  And no matter where it is, how it is decorated or what is served, the thing I love best about my home is who I share it with.

Cheers & Hugs,

First Snow

First Snow - 11/19/17 - Mars, PA

First Snow – 11/19/17 – Mars, PA

First Snow.

There’s just something
about the first snow of the season…

That first snow that sticks to the ground and trees –
even if just a briefly passing dusting.

Especially when it happens on
a late Sunday afternoon.

And when it appears suddenly –
as if it wanted to be a special surprise.

And when you are settling in by a warm, crackling fire
in comfy home sweet home.

Cherish the Moments.

Cheers & Hugs,




A crackling fire glowing in the fireplace,
A steaming bowl of homemade chicken noodle soup.

The eyes of your child when they know you are sad,
The hand of a friend whose always by your side.

The fur of your four-legged best friend whose always by your side,
A soft, chenille blanket from a special lady who goes by the name of Mom (II),

An unexpected text with a photo of your grandchild,
A handwritten letter in the mail from a favorite aunt.

The first sip of coffee on a cold winter morning,
A glass of red wine after a long day at work.

Favorite fuzzy slippers you accidentally wear out of the house,
A well-worn hoodie with threadbare elbows.

Memories from a special song,
A tight hug that lasts longer than a pat on the back.

The ringing of the phone at the same time every morning,
and the sound of a Dad whistling while he patiently waits.

An air kiss blown while rolling over in the middle of the night,
An “I love you” on the way out the door,

A smile that greets you when you enter the office,
The privilege of introducing your future daughter-in-law.

The distinct squeak of the door opening at the end of the day,
The comforting sound of a snore you’ve loved for 35 years.

Cheers & Warm Hugs,


What to do with an EXTRA Hour?

I don’t know about you?  But I’m all screwed up….

In our part of the world, we switched time.


Yep – just like that, we are supposed to change the clocks – Fall Back, Spring Ahead – Daylight Savings Time – on – off – and just adjust….

But the challenging part is – the older I get – the harder it is to adjust to the time change.

For days weeks, I will say, but it is really XX time, even thought it is XX time.  SERIOUSLY!  Can an hour really do this to a brain?


But I digress…

The topic of this blog was supposed to be what can we do with that extra hour….

and…. it was supposed to be posted on Sunday – the day we got that extra hour.

But – hey – whatever – I had other stories to tell and recipes to share, and I’m just getting to this….

(I have a card I am DYING to share, but holding off until tomorrow because I am worried you will grow weary of my silly cards – even though I am super-excited to share this one (for the Paper Players Vintage challenge 🙂  )

Sunday gave us an extra hour.


What did you do with it?


I stacked firewood.  And I’m proud to tell it.

Very exciting -right??!!

Well – it was a beautiful day – and who knows what I was doing?…  Oh I remember – cleaning off the porches/deck for the upcoming winter season 😦 …

Marty and Nick were cutting and chopping and stacking firewood so that we can keep warm, wonderful fires burning all winter long in the fireplace to keep us toasty.  (As I wear t-shirts through this lovely menopausal period of life!)


I decided to help.  I heaved and hoed and bent and snapped —  anybody get the reference here??!! 🙂  — and tossed and stacked like the best of them.

And it felt good!    Then….

Legs are a bit sore two days later.   WIMP!

But I helped (for a change) my guys with the “physical” work that gets done around here; and it felt good, and it was nice to be a part of it.

What did you do with your extra hour?  What would you do if you had one?

I spent it with a couple guys I so greatly appreciate and love even more!

Thanks for all the hard work you do to keep our home warm and comfortable and cozy, my dear Merv and my sweet Nick!


Cheers & Warm, Toasty Hugs,
(while I turn up the ceiling fan!)