Bloom, Blossom, Grow

Hanging Basket – Mars, PA

Bloom… Blossom… Grow.

Bloom boldy…
Blossom confidently…
Grow unceasingly.

Be the You
You were meant
to be.

Beautiful, blooming,

Cheers & Hugs,


PS  If you are local to the Pittsburgh area, be sure to check out JJ McKinney Family Farm, where I purchased this gorgeous hanging basket.

Look Inside

February Morning – Mars, PA 2018

Look Inside.

The tiniest drop of water
hanging on the edge of the limb

that might not last
longer than a few moments

holds a glimpse of life.

It tells a story.

Look inside.
Ignore the blurred surroundings.

Squint hard.
Look closely.

Search deep

into this beautiful thing.

Search deep…
inside of You.

Like the tiny drop of water
that reflects the trees trunk and limbs.

Look inside your heart

to see what branches inside of you.

What is growing and stretching
and feeding your soul.

What is reaching
to grasp your happiness.

Look inside

at the beauty of you.

Cheers & Hugs,

Blossom through the Darkness

Orange Begonia - July, 2017 - Mars, PA

Orange Begonia – July, 2017 – Mars, PA

We don’t always grow when things are easy,
We don’t always blossom when the sun is bright.

Grow through the challenges.
Blossom through the darkness.

Life your life as fully and courageously and boldly as you can.
It’s your opportunity to bloom!

Cheers & Hugs,

PS  Thanks, Jan, for these beautiful flowers, they are still vibrantly blossoming!

Around the Bend

Foggy Morning Railroad Tracks - Mars, PA - August, 2016

Foggy Morning Railroad Tracks – Mars, PA – August, 2016

When the fog is so thick
you can’t see round the bend,

do you take a chance
or allow a dead end?

Our minds can get foggy too,
and we don’t see as clearly as we usually do.

The intriguing thing, though,
is if we take a slow go

with thoughtful steps in confident faith,
we might be surprised at what awaits.

Go forward my friend
around the bend.

The further you go,
the clearer you’ll grow.

Cherish all the moments.

Cheers & Hugs,