Look Inside

February Morning – Mars, PA 2018

Look Inside.

The tiniest drop of water
hanging on the edge of the limb

that might not last
longer than a few moments

holds a glimpse of life.

It tells a story.

Look inside.
Ignore the blurred surroundings.

Squint hard.
Look closely.

Search deep

into this beautiful thing.

Search deep…
inside of You.

Like the tiny drop of water
that reflects the trees trunk and limbs.

Look inside your heart

to see what branches inside of you.

What is growing and stretching
and feeding your soul.

What is reaching
to grasp your happiness.

Look inside

at the beauty of you.

Cheers & Hugs,

43 thoughts on “Look Inside

  1. What a beautiful moment caught thru your eye and camera skills. Magic, then your thoughts to remind us of the signifiance of that beauty in that moment. The story behind that drop, that shape shifter that could have originated from hail, or snowflakes, to the momentarily remains of a bright glistening drop, that captured your heart, & inspired this insightful thought provoking poem. Good morning Jodi, so nice to have you in my life.

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