“Anticipation” Cliffs of Moher, Ireland Watercolor Painting by Jodi McKinney 11×14


As we walked the path
and climbed the hill

anticipating what might await us
from the top,

nothing could have prepared us
for the beauty.

I lagged behind a bit
letting hubby get a head start

anticipating the joy
I knew would show on his face.

I snapped a photo,

but wanted to paint the “feeling.”

I struggle with painting landscapes
so I was excited to happen upon a YouTube video by Angela Fehr

introducing an online course called,
“Heart-Led” Landscapes.

It was exactly what I was looking for,
and I love the freedom it has given me to try a new approach.

This was my first attempt at a
“Heart-Led” Landscape.

It is not meant to be an exact duplicate
of the photo.

It is meant to reveal my heart and emotions
when I look at the photo.

Not knowing where my heart would lead,
this painting speaks “Anticipation” to me.

Can’t wait to do more!

Cheers & Hugs,

Painting a Path – Preserving a Memory

Cliffs of Moher Pathway, Ireland in Watercolor – 11×14

Painting a Path – Preserving a Memory.

On our recent trip to Ireland, I took over 1,000 photos!

I narrowed that thousand down to about 100 that I chose to preserve in a photo book for hubby as a final gift for his birthday and memory book of our amazing trip.

One of my favorite photos is of this stone-lined path along the Cliffs of Moher.

I decided to try and paint it in watercolor – though I’m not a great landscape artist.

Hubby knew right away what and where it was, which made me smile.

I prefer to paint loose, rather than realistically, but sometimes that is even more of a challenge.

Maybe you see another spot or special place near a beach when you look at this painting?

No matter what you see, my hope is that it evokes joy and a sense of peace and happiness.

Cheers & Hugs,

Far Away and At Home in Ireland

Slai Head Drive, Wild Atlantic Way, Dingle Peninsula, County Kerry, Ireland

Slai Head Drive, Wild Atlantic Way, Dingle Peninsula, County Kerry, Ireland

Far Away and At Home in Ireland.

I went on a trip
farther than I’ve ever gone before.

I went across the ocean
and to another continent.

It was a different country than where I’m from,
and it’s name is Ireland.

Though it was far away
and across the ocean…

Though it was a different continent
and a different country,

I felt just as at home there
as I feel at home.

I felt loved by the people
and one with the land.

It helped me see a bigger world,
but also made the world feel smaller.

I tried my best to breathe it in
and hold it in my heart and soul.

I’m carrying it with me
wherever I go.

I’m embracing it
as part of who I now am…

As part of who it made me…

on my trip far away
and at home in Ireland.

Cheers & Hugs,


The Friend Pact

I made a “pact” yesterday with my FRIEND, John.


John Lee Bartholomew Taggart is a young man (younger than both of my boys) who was born in England, teaches English in other countries, has seen more of the world than I daresay I ever will, and is a genius writer/blogger.

John’s recent post (entitled Old Friends (Ireland)) on Storytime with John struck such a chord in me that I had to comment.   John commented back right away :), and in five minutes we decided to make a pact.  The Friend Pact I’m calling it.

A 51 year-old lady from Mars, PA and a 23 year-old young man from wherever in the world John is at the moment have decided that we are going to not just be friendly to people.  We are going to be FRIENDS with as many as we can.

Just like the friends John recently met in Galway, Ireland.

Whenever you get to thinking how you can make a difference in the world….. or what your purpose is on this earth…..  start by simply being a friend.

It might be much grander than you believe.

Smile at a stranger.  Watch it light up their face.

Hug for hello and hug for good-bye….  And hang on.  Be the last to let go.


Listen to people with an open heart, open mind, and with all of your presence.  Your time and attention is a gift to the recipient.

Tell your story, own it, and know you are who you are because of it.  Don’t be ashamed.  Don’t be boastful.  Just Be YOU.

I have always loved quickly and easily.  I love to say “I love you” to my family and friends.

To me – everyone I meet is a friend (unless they somehow prove otherwise).  No proving your friendship here.  I accept you as my friend.

Are you in on the The Friend Pact my friends?  Let’s not just be friendly, let’s be FRIENDS!

Cheers & Hugs,


PS  Marty has always wanted to visit Ireland, so Galway has moved to the top of my bucket list!  I hope to visit someday, and can’t wait to meet my friends.  🙂